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    Aloe Vera Juice anyone?

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    So I had an aloe vera shake today which consisted of the inside of a huge aloe leave and water tossed in the blender. The guy I bought it from told me it is really good for digestion. I was thinking about buying some aloe juice (inside of the leaves) and making my own shakes. Their is one carb per 2 oz and you use 8 oz in a shake with 10 oz of water. Anyone else try an aloe shake before?

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    I've had the pre packaged aloe drink called "aloe" (crazy name, I know). It was quite good, the jelly bits were interesting. However I imagine mine was full of sugar. Interesting idea on the shakes.
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    I've been drinking lots of Aloe Juice lately. I buy Lakewood Organic AV juice and it had 4g of carbs per serving (4 oz) . It's a refreshing low-carb drink so whether it's good/bad primal/not primal I'm going to probably keep drinking it.

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    I have a shot every day as part of my Youth Eternal protocol -- which also includes MSM and apple cider vinegar.

    It is true that it is good for the gut.

    I've written here before about the old healer woman I used to see in Houston. She is the one who told me -- from across the room, 15 years ago -- that I was allergic to wheat. She put every single person who walked through her door on daily aloe vera juice. She's how I learned that it could be ingested in the first place.
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    I drink aloe vera juice quite a bit .. I buy it from Trader Joe's. It's a little strong if you drink if straight up, but if you put it with a smoothie or mix it with water it's fine.
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    I don't care for the liquid form, but since I'm trying to heal my digestion, I take aloe in softgel form instead:
    Now Foods, Aloe Vera Gels, 100 Softgels -

    Easy to swallow, no taste or odor, concentrated dose, inexpensive, two thumbs up.

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