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    YouTube theses MDs
    Peter Attia
    Doug McGuff

    And google Dr. Ronesh Sinha

    Sinha just gave a talk yesterday for PaleoCon. It's the first time I heard of him. It was one of the best Paleo talks I've heard related to cholesterol and the mistaken CW that doctors are taught in med school. It was exactly what the doctor ordered off your wife. my nurse wife to listen to it and she thought it was very good. She's hasn't been Paleo/primal either. Mark Sisson is selling his Dr. Ronesh Sinha new book.

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    Have you had your labs done? It might put her more at ease if she could see that you're not at deaths door.

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    Quote Originally Posted by workinprogress View Post
    Have you had your labs done? It might put her more at ease if she could see that you're not at deaths door.
    This would be my recommendation as well. As a nurse she must put a great deal of faith in hard data (I would hope). It has been my experience that some people really don't want their education (that they paid for) to be called into question when new information arises. As a scientist myself however I can confidently say that nothing stays the same in any tech/science related field over the course of ten years. She has to be open to new information or she will be doing herself, her family and her patients a grave disservice. There is a mountain of hard data and a sea of anecdotal evidence about this lifestyle - the information is there but she has to want to learn it.

    I would start by asking her why she believes what she believes. If her only answer is that she was taught it ten years ago, that just shows a lack of diligence in keeping current in her field.

    It is hard to make people see something that they don't want to see. Good luck!

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    Get her to take a look at Chris Kresser. That guy has his shtick down pat. Yeah your labs will help, having a progression of labs to demonstrate your health improvements. Find The well done science that shows heart disease is caused by inflamation and VLDL problems not dietary cholesterol.

    Show her a nutrient profile of a weeks worth of your eating and a weeks worth of hers.

    Ask her to show you the science as you did that supports her position.

    Best of all live well and let her see it.

    The kids are yours too so feed them as you see fit and dont let her bully you with her education.

    Speaking of education get one. A real one, one book at a time and be able to talk her talk. It does not require school to do it. Know biochemistry better than she does and challenge her to prove you wrong and not to bully you because you are a no nothing civilian.
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    I have a non-Paleo RN husband. He has watched me lose 70 lbs and still has no interest. It is not that he thinks I am killing myself, He just doesn't want to do it.

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    Thanks for the additional feedback.

    Because I've only been doing paleo for a couple of months and only in the latter half of it have shifted toward keto, I was trying to give a little more time before I capture blood metrics. Showing a progression could be really compelling, though; nothing to stop me from getting labs now and again in 3 months.

    I'm researching it now but if anyone knows this off the top of my head:
    -What labs should I get done that will be evidence of improved health without being unnecessary or exhorbitantly expensive?

    I'm a little concerned that my total cholesterol will be higher and she'll sieze on that as an indicator of poor health, so I'm already planning a response based on the ratio of HDLs to LDLs as well as the size and composition of the LDL particles, though I'm unsure what tests will measure the latter.

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    most often it takes about 6 months for lipid panels to show improvement, but if you want a before and after, by all means have them done now.

    if she gets itchy about total cholesterol numbers then she is way in the dark ages on this.

    others can recommend tests more specifically.

    you may want to show her blogs from peter attia, micheal eades and stephen sinatra. all are m.d.s and on board with the failure of the lipid theory.

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    You cook and she complains? *Baffled* I have been married for 15 years. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times my husband cooked anything.
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    I'd back off on trying to feed the kids paleo, and concentrate on your own health.

    In a year or two, she hopefully see a healthier you and start to relent.

    All in all, I would put marriage and family before diet and lifestyle.

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    What I find odd is that she is making fun of you for wanting to get healthy. I hate to sound like a bitch but she sounds like a control freak who can't be wrong. I doubt that all the evidence or improved test results will change her mind. Too much? Sorry, but there should be more support and less everything else. If she doesn't want to eat the way you do then she can cook for herself. BUT, how did she get the final say in what the children can or cannot eat? I know, Happy Wife, Happy Life. Can I have her share of bacon please? Seriously, good luck to you and congrats on dumping so much weight. That is quite an accomplishment and I bet your kids think you are pretty awesome!

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