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Thread: is my big-ass salad gonna give me a big ass? ;-)

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    is my big-ass salad gonna give me a big ass? ;-)

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    I eat a big ass salad as well with almost a full head of Romaine or Spinach as a base then I add half a large Red bell pepper, grapes, blueberries, carrots, sesame sticks, tuna or some other kind of fish. I sometimes add Zuchinni, squash, sweet peppers or anything I can find. For dressing I usually have a little Balsamic Vinagrette.

    I eat this everyday for lunch and have lost 20 lbs since Feb. Now I am a pretty fit person to begin with and have reached my high School weight which was 13 yrs ago. It didn't make myself fat but again I work out a lot. I try to walk everyday, go to the gym a few itmes a week and also do simplefit when I can't make the gym.

    I've added more muscle while losing the fat I had.
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    Well I always have a BIG ASS salad for lunch. 4-5 cups of organic spring mix, 1 cup of coleslaw, and a couple of slices of onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and jalapeno pepper. Top that off with some vinegar, 1 whole Hass avocado (smash), 1 TBSP of Extra Olive Oil, 2 extra large hard boiled eggs, and either a can of pink/red salmon or sardines or chicken! Yum! This all fit in my HUGE salad bowl! It keeps me full till dinner!

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    My big ass salad base is always the same:

    4 cups of baby spinach
    1 small head of romaine
    a couple handfuls of baby romaine or baby mixed greens

    Ya... it's BIG. lol Then I add protein, other veg/fruit for taste, sometimes nuts as a garnish, and dress the whole thing in a delicious fatty dressing.

    I have to eat it out of my large stainless steel serving bowl, and have received some odd looks when mom's are bringing their kiddos over for me to watch while I'm sitting at the trough, um... I mean table.

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