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Thread: Coconut cream

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    Coconut cream

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    Good day one and all,

    Today, i removed a can of coconut cream from the fridge in an effort to extract the solid goodness that rose to the top.


    The liquid below was unused, and therefore wasted. Terrible. The question I ask you all is this:

    Is that coconut oil? As in the same coconut oil that costs about 6 sterling to buy about 300ml? Can it be kept and used to cook with?

    I readily await your reply in great anticipation! Yes, YOURS!

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    When you buy canned coconut milk that doesn't have additives to prevent separating it will do just that. The coconut oil will rise to the top and the watery liquid below is coconut water. You can add coconut water to smoothies (if you drink them) or drink it straight up. It's just a sweet liquid so you can cook with it accordingly. Maybe splash it into coffee?

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    It depends on the brand. It may just be water. I buy Native Forest brand because they don't use cans that have BPA in the them. The ingredients listed are coconut and water.

    Depending on what you are using it for, most of the time you can just shake up the can and all will be fine. If you are just using the solidified coconut cream, then I'd just discard the water. It's not really true coconut water.
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