My psychology professor in college recommended that I start a journal, now twenty years later I will take him up on his advice!

This journal is meant for me, myself and I. However others are welcome to read and comment.

I probably will not be writing down much of what I eat mainly because I am embarrassed about how simple my meals are. I have spent my entire life eating convenient foods, and my biggest primal challenge is not the food I eat, but preparing the food I eat.

So without further ado, I will begin my journal:

Wed. Jun 16, 2010:
Yesterday after work I drove down to the pull-up bars and saw someone who looked like he had zero body fat. I briefly chatted with his friend and he said they were from Bulgaria. I hope to meet them again to learn what this person eats and how he exercises. He looks like he a trapeze artist, he is so fit!

I did two sets of ten jack-knife pull-ups and then two sets of five more (I could not complete three sets of ten.) I then did two more sets of five with palms facing towards me.

Now it is lunch time, and I must prepare a salad before I head back to work. I promised myself I would eat a salad for lunch today.