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    Going out to eat for anniversary--where to eat?

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    We're planning to go out to eat tomorrow evening for our 5 yr wedding anniversary. If you were going to go out to eat anywhere, where would it be and what would you order? I've thought of steakhouses, but not much else.

    Feel free to share your favorite chains that you can get almost-primal meals at, and what those meals are!

    Also I'm dairy free, so creamy/cheesy/buttery things are out.


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    I should first say that going to a chain restaurant is a hassle/chore for me, and not something I'd CHOOSE to do, especially not on a special occasion.

    That said, I've found things that are tolerable to eat at Olive Garden, Macaroni Grill, Red Lobster (the butter isn't real, but they usually don't overcook their veggies which is nice), and Chili's/Applebee's/Ruby Tuesday's (I consider them the same restaurant; I'll eat steak, a burger without a bun, or a salad after a little customization, and at least one of them has ribs with a dry rub that I actually like). I pretty much just order a dish where the meat sounds like something I'm willing to eat, and ask for vegetables instead of whatever else it's supposed to come with.

    If it were a really special occasion I'd let myself "cheat" for the one meal. I'd probably pick sushi, thai, or a nice upscale Italian place (where I'd be able to stay primal if I really wanted but would probably eat a few bites of pasta). And I'd get dessert. But that's me. =]

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    I like what Mayness said but probably have even more disdain for chains. I would add a nice seafood house to her last paragraph and nix the Thai, but Asian oils seem to mess me up more than anything else.

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    Oddly most decent restaurants in SF are primal friendly, alhough unintentionally I'm sure. Even Italian places in my neighborhood focus more on grilled/braised meats and veggies and keep starches to a minimum. Almost all the meat is pastured or grass fed. In other cities I find that french restaurants are almost always a good primal bet. Order the coq au vin and sub some roasted root veggies in for the potatoes.

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    What about a nice Japanese restaurant and dare yourselves to try some of the more exotic raw seafood! I also find that the nicer/fancier the restaurants are, the more primal the become, like free-range chicken options or game meat options, and using real cream and butter in the cooking.

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    Japanese/hibachi steakhouses would be relatively primal (hold the rice, extra veggies).

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    A nice big fat juicy steak is what would draw my interest most if I could pick any place to go out for a special occasion. Congratulations on your anniversary.

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    I love steakhouses. There's a non-chain one in our neighborhood and their ribeye is to DIE for. It's that good.
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    For chain restaurants I like Olive Garden and On the Border.
    OG I get the herb grilled salmon with broccoli and it's only 5g carbs (if you are counting).
    OTB I get fajitas and just eat them without the shells.
    Steakhouses are always good and they usually have sweet potato or vegetables available on the side.

    Now, I don't know where you live but there are many places that are better than these chain restaurants and would have primal meals. If I could eat anywhere and it's for a special occasion I would go to Ruths Chris steakhouse. It's amazing but $$$.
    Congratulations on 5 yrs! Enjoy it no matter where you end up try not to stress over the food!

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    Cheat day.
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