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Thread: Going out to eat for anniversary--where to eat?

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    As far as chain restaurants go, the only one I'd pick is Texas Roadhouse. I worked there and they do a great job with almost everything. Nearly everything is made in-house. I can usually go there and know what I'm getting.

    I prefer to go to independently owned restaurants though. Seafood is generally a good choice. I generally avoid anyplace Italian, for obvious reasons. We've got some nice "American" style restaurants here that have wonderful salads and steak options. The nice thing is, no matter where you go you can almost always custom order anything.

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    A chain called Logan's Roadhouse is primal-friendly. Lots of grilled meat and veggies.

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    a nice steakhouse. the more expensive the better.

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    I have to agree with the "Cheat day" sentiment. Its a special occasion, eat where ever and what ever you bleeding want to. Whats one meal going to do? Just enjoy yourself, THAT is the most important part, and congratulations.

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    imo, nothing beats a big delicious steak and a very good bottle of red wine.
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    Thanks for the input folks. I'm still undecided. We have a really yummy bbq place that I've gotten the ribs at b/4 w/ just the dry rub (which is free of my son's allergens--including corn! but does contain brown sugar) and used my homemade bbq sauce on top. I'm thinking of going to that place, a steakhouse, or this other place that has a big salad w/ steak or chicken that I love. Hubby says it's up to me--he's planning on steak no matter where we go (I know he's primal at heart!)

    Thank you for all of your thoughts/ideas! (And, if I was dying for it, I'd probably do a real cheat if I wasn't still nursing my son who reacts to my milk if I eat gluten or dairy...) I'll totally be going for the wine though!

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