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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal (Ted Demetro)

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    Day 1: Primal Food Intake Today:

    B: Homemade Primal chili.

    L: Green Tea & protein shake.



    WOD: Leg Workout day. Squats 5x5 at 315-365 range. Body Squats. 2 sets of 50.

    Walking Lunge 100 meters x 2.

    Walk around neighborhood for about 35-45 minutes.

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    Day 2: Food Intake

    B: Protein Bar Met-rx

    L: Primal chili

    D: More Primal Chili

    S: special dark chocolate whole bar. Brussel Sprouts cooked in bacon fat.

    WOD: 45 minute walk around the neighborhood.

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    Day 3: Food intake

    B: chicken wings and brussel sprouts cooked in bacon fat.

    L: skipped

    D: chicken wings and b sprouts again.

    S: Protein smoothie.

    WOD: Pullups 5 sets of 10.

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