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Thread: How do you handle cravings for alcohol?

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    After being Paleo for just over a year now I have transitioned from a weekday wine drinker to a drinker who can count on two hands the number of times I had wine in the past year and I suspect that will probably go down to one hand this year. I think once you pass the 21-day milestone it really becomes about the "behaviour" rather than the "chemistry". You might try some substitutes like Perrier or similar or my old favorite de-caf coffee or whatever gives you the edge to get through that moment. It does actually get pretty easy after awhile (have faith). Now if only I could kick sugar so easily. . . . .

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    If you're looking for a "reason" to kick the sauce, try the experiment these folks did. I read about this on January 2nd and haven't had any alcohol since. Will be interesting to see just what exactly the ol' liver is capable of!

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    I have a feeling that most late night cravings are for soothing, rather than alcohol or sweets or whatever. 50 Ways to Sooth Yourself without Food is a great book.
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    I'm not a big drinker but I often have soft drinks in a wine glass. Makes them seem a little different than drinking out of a normal glass. Wine glasses work well for kombucha and kefir if you make your own non-alcoholic fermented drinks.

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    i have also gone down the carbonated water with lemon road. Also lots of ice, so I am just sipping it like wine, oh and also in a wine glass. I have managed 6 nights without wine now, and am starting to not wake up at the 2am liver cleansing hour - so yay for me......... but i do miss my red.
    I actually do not enjoy merl;ot (I am a pinot noir girl), so I am thinking that when my 30 days is up maybe I should start drinking merlot, and that might keep me to 1 or 2 glasses ?????
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    This probably sounds terrible, but nothing works like a good old fashioned aversion. I went a year and a half with absolutely NO desire what-so-ever for liquor (especially whiskey) after one REALLY good bender. I've done the same (to a smaller degree) with wine. Only now, that I'm working in a bar, is anything more than beer at all remotely palatable. And that's only because the shots were bought for me. I don't/won't ask for liquor or wine on my own.

    So... if you're having a really hard time, and being "clean" isn't working, give one REALLY BAD night a try. Send the kids to a sitter, have responsible supervision, and drink your face off on your wine of choice. Don't take any precautions for minimizing the hangover, and when the hangover comes, SUFFER through it. You probably won't want wine again for a very long time.

    On the other hand... if you like a glass of wine in the evening, weigh whether giving it up is worthwhile or not. If you allow yourself to have A glass, freely and liberally, you'll find that some nights you just don't care to have it. No big deal.

    I've had a rough relationship with food over the years, and the one thing I've learned is that no amount of negotiating, bargaining, or categorizing will make food cravings go away. You get to a place where you either make yourself loathe it, or you come to peace with it and allow yourself to indulge within reason.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Apparently I'm in the minority but I see nothing wrong with a single 5oz glass of high quality wine in the evening. Is it primal? No. But it's also not inherently unhealthy and in fact may be quite healthy. If you budget for the 150 or so calories it gives you, then you should be fine. Count it as your 10%.
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    Diana... Yeah, the relationship with food is a biggie too... I love the book "Fattitudes"

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    Red wine is delicious and good for you. Drink it and enjoy, unless you have an addiction or something. This isn't weight watchers, stop counting calories. Make yourself a big buttery grass fed ribeye, pour yourself some wine, and enjoy life!

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    I used to feel that way, but after stopping the nightly glass or two of wine the improvement in my sleep alone has made me decide to keep the wine to special occasions only.

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