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Thread: Cappello’s almond flour pasta

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    So far one person could answer the OP question
    Anybody out there tried it?

    The internet is loads of fun.

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    If you need pasta, this is what I'd recommend:

    It's very good, particularly for baked pasta dishes. Ingredients are organic brown rice and water. That's it. For $1.99 a bag it isn't bad for once in a blue moon.

    Making any kind of pasta a regular part of your diet is kind of a problem since there's little nutrition, it provides little satiety and the texture is a conduit for overeating - nothing like textured starch covered in fatty gravies and cheeses to add to the waistline. Almond flour sounds absolutely disgusting, and even if it tasted good I wouldn't eat something made out of ground up, cooked nuts. Rice is much safer.
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    Thanks again for all the feedback and saving me 50 bucks. I will not buy now!

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