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Thread: Stupid question :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by fifer View Post
    The cream goes on the scone, not in the tea! Damn colonials! :-)
    I must agree, and I'm from Down Under.

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    Evaporated or condensed milk!

    Oh, wait, that's Hong Kong Silk Stocking tea

    To the OP: No, you're fine. In my practice, a "splash" is like 30ml in an average mug. That's about 20 calories.


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    A splash of milk in tea? No, that's not going to stop you from losing weight.

    For most people, weight loss is not a delicate balance that hinges on perfectly stacking every calorie. If one is misplaced, the whole pile won't collapse. It's about the whole picture of eating good food, moving around, and resting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaceyUK View Post
    Primal scones are more of a challenge. Have to admit if I am ever going to cheat it will be a scone with butter, cream and jam on it....proper lush as we say down here in Gloucestershire
    I'm not averse to the occasional cheat, but when out for cream tea with a friend I just cleaned out her unwanted clotted cream. (Which has to be an oxymoron - unwanted clotted cream?)

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    That stuff is amazing and eating it with relish is a joy of primal living. By relish I am not referring to what the septics put on their hotdogs.
    Man seeks to change the foods available in nature to suit his tastes, thereby putting an end to the very essence of life contained in them.

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