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Thread: Over-exercising - The symptoms?

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    Overtraining - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    For the OP, this is a pretty good introduction. I really don't know what that author was talking about as the "true definition" of overtraining. I know people who overtrained, according to the wikipedia definition. They did more pushups the first test of basic training than they did the last one, as a result of 9 weeks of constant working out, insufficient rest, insufficient recovery time, and high stress levels. My pushups improved throughout basic training, but only enough to pass. I improved more when I got to my next station and started getting proper rest and recovery. I got faster and stronger then, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfreaksho View Post
    That was a terrible article! I might agree with some of it, but it was terribly written.
    Overtraining is a serious condition and if that happens then you are out from training for a long period! But what people usually are talking about is "overreaching" and that can be adjusted with less volume or intensity for a week or two. You have to be a very advanced athlete to screw yourself up enough over time to really over-train…

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    The only time I've ever truly overtrained was when I wasn't eating enough to compensate--so, the "undernourished" flipside someone mentioned above--and I had all the classic symptoms of overtraining from Mark's article. Now that I know how to fuel properly, I can push the volume really crazy high and still not be overtrained. You just have to eat enough, and of the right stuff.

    You may be rolling your eyes and saying "uhDER", but for women especially, there is a huge mental resistance to eating more food. It's a weird disconnect and if we really wanted to examine it I'm sure there are all kinds of societal and cultural factors, along with misinformation. But, generally, women tend to think that the answer for a "hot body" is "more workouts, less food!" I see so many girls at my gym who bonk out in the middle of an AMRAP, or suddenly can't hit their old PR on a lift, and wonder why, and when I ask them how many calories a day they're eating, it's like 1400, with less than 50g carb. Um, yeah. No wonder you're not able to train properly.

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