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Thread: I feel like a drug addict

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    I suggest some coffee/expresso and milk with a bit of sugar. I just got through my "flu" after being very strict and it sucked big time. But definitely ease into things..even little changes produce results!

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    I had a similar diet meltdown this summer, though for far less emotional reasons. For me it was a total kitchen rehab. We were living for three months out of a microwave and a fridge in our living room. And from there we devolved to eating out, and then to ordering out, and then right back to the usual SAD junk food diet.

    Even though I knew exactly what I needed to do in order to feel better and start losing fat again, it was a monster struggle to actually do it. It was harder to let go of the junk this time than it was the first time! I knew -- because I'm familiar with my own wacky psychological quirks by now -- that if I could just get through one day of eating right, I'd be able to stick with it again. But getting that one day in felt almost impossible. Every day for weeks I promised myself "this is the last day. Tomorrow I get serious." And then tomorrow was just as hard to manage as the day before.

    I finally managed to white-knuckle it through a day where I ate everything in sight, as long as it was primal. After that, things got easier again, and I've been doing well for a couple of weeks. But wow, was the "before" hard to end this time around!

    One thing that I found helped was stocking my fridge and pantry to bursting with my primal favorites and just eating like a maniac from that for a few days. No matter what I wanted, I stuffed myself with bacon and eggs, or guacamole, or steak and broccoli. That was my answer to every craving. Eventually the cravings gave up and left, but it wasn't a lot of fun fighting them off.

    I feel for you -- and your sister, too.

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    I feel like a drug addict

    Eating the cashews and honey would still put you under 100g carbs (unless you ate a mountain of both)....

    Eat more generally. What you ate for a day wouldn't satisfy me for 1 meal.

    Allow yourself some more carbs: sweet potato, fruit, etc. You don't need to be 0g carbs to be primal... And it could be said that 0g carbs isn't primal anyway as Mark advises against staying in ketosis for the long haul. It isn't an all or nothing carbs issue. Don't group fruit, starches, etc in the same category as a muffin, cookie, candy. The latter has so much additional gunk in them past the carbs. If you want some carbs, eat a little of them. Have a piece of fruit instead of the junk.

    Finally, what you eat on a normal basis shouldn't feel like dieting; it should feel like just eating. I think you have been calorie cutting too hard on primal and now associate primal with uncomfortable restriction.

    If I were you, I would just eat as much meat, eggs, fruit as I want for the remaining time of stress as I want. Your body is already stressed enough without needing it from dietary restrictions. Not the same sort of stress but whenever I take law finals I just let myself eat at much of the clean foods as I want. I never actually put on weight unless I nervously eat handfuls of air popped popcorn (ie not really ideal because of the toxins) every hour.

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    HCLF: lean red meat, eggs, low-fat dairy, bone broth/gelatin, fruits, seafood, liver, small amount of starch (oatmeal, white rice, potatoes, carrots), small amount of saturated fat (butter/ghee/coconut/dark chocolate/cheese).

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    Quote Originally Posted by turquoisepassion View Post

    If I were you, I would just eat as much meat, eggs, fruit as I want for the remaining time of stress as I want. Your body is already stressed enough without needing it from dietary restrictions.

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    Not to thread jack, but I am taking this to heart because it makes sense. Thanks, turquoisepassion.

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