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Thread: Give Me the Straight Goods on Alcohol

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    I don't believe there is a straight answer to this one. Too many variables. I gave up smoking and took up wine somewhere along the way. Better than smoking, right? Started to be too much so I stopped buying it. I can tell you that the one glass I had last Friday night with our dinner at a restaurant was amazing and I deeply enjoyed it. The second glass... Was a bit much and I could have done without. My point is we are all different and as some others have said, if it truly reduces some stress in life, and you can keep it under control, then IMO, that is good for you. As far as life expectancy -- my great grandma lived to 100 years old and really didn't have many health issues. She drank a lot of green tea, ate a lot of bananas, she enjoyed her occasional wine, and most importantly -- she was happy. Lived a long, great life. Wine included.
    "Do other things to take care of your emotional and physical needs, and youíll take pressure off your diet to fix things itís not meant to fix." -- Mark

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    The summation of my knowledge about this:

    -Alcohol calories are completely useless and are energy dense (7 kcal for 1 ml of ethanol)
    -1 glass of red wine a day is meant to be beneficial (though I've never put much faith in this idea)
    -Typically the better alcohols to drink are those that are higher in ethanol and purer (think spirits) since they contain no gluten and less carbs (carbs aren't bad either but in this case they are just more calories)
    -Alcohol isn't inherently harmful in low quantities

    Quote Originally Posted by JenniferCampbell View Post
    Thanks for the input everyone. One thing I notice, not just on this thread, but more or less everywhere; there's a common belief "a drink a day is good for you" or "drinking in moderation is a healthy thing to do". What I heard is that for every daily drink you take, your chances of cancer of the digestive tract increases by 10%, and that the relationship is linear, starting with one drink a day. Also, the increase in expected mortality from cancer is far greater than the decrease in expected mortality from whatever cardio benefits alcohol might bring. In other words, all other things being equal, drinking even a drink a day will reduce your life expectancy. I'll try tracking down the exact source that outlines the linear increase with every drink, but here's what might be considered a reliable source:
    US National Cancer Institute: Alcohol and Cancer Risk Fact Sheet - National Cancer Institute
    1. All these risks are relative, not absolute. In other words if your chances of getting breast cancer are 10%, and you increase it by 10%, that makes it a total of 11% not 20%.
    2. From skimming they mostly talk about heavy alcohol drinking (40 grams, or more, of ethanol a day).
    3. When it comes to lower doses (like 10g of ethanol a day) then the risk is low, like 7% or less and in some cases non existant.
    4. Its epidemiological data which makes it of more limited use, these studies tend to find linear relationships, depending on the statistical analysis they use.

    Either way I think alcohol should still be treated as a luxury not drunk every day. It has a low nutritional value (lots of calories, for minimal nutrients). If you want to drink a glass of wine a day, it ain't gonna kill you.
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    I have to say, I agree with each and every one of you. Life is short, so enjoy it. Use moderation, even in supposedly healthy pursuits, don't stop living in the name of health. All words of wisdom. I can tell you're the type of people I'd love to have a glass of wine with. I suppose I'm just a little flustered by the mis-information we seem to be fed. For instance what is moderation, two glasses of wine a day? Probably not. That's actually probably excessive, but we're programmed to believe one or two a day is just fine, desirable even, but objective science (as opposed to sponsored science) doesn't back that up.

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    For anyone major keen on this stuff, I have compiled TONS of info on the biochemistry of getting plastered: Alcohol and Nutrition

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    Quote Originally Posted by JenniferCampbell View Post
    I've heard that certain alcohol products are acceptable within a paleo diet (for example wine) and some are not (for example beer). I'm wondering:
    (1) What is acceptable, what isn't and why?
    (2) Even if something is acceptable within a paleo diet, shouldn't something like alcohol be avoided just because of it's ill effect on health? (For me this is sort of a rhetorical question as I'm trying to get pregnant and as a result am not drinking anything.)

    It's frustrating trying to find the real truth about this question since there are so many powerful organizations (think beer companies and governments) that want you to drink a whole bunch (just not so much that you become a drain on the system). Although I, and everyone else out there have heard, with great fanfare about alcochol (particularly wine) having some positive cardio effects, the media coverage seems to be way out of proportion to the conclusiveness of the findings. Conversely, when a researcher discovers that alcohol causes a significant rise in the incident of cancer of the digestive tract, you'll never hear about it unless you dig for the information. Apparently there's a 10% increase in the likelihood of digestive tract cancer (think everything from your lips to your sphincter) for each daily drink you take AND as a result, the overall ill effect on health of a daily drink, from a statistical perspective is far greater than the negligible positive effect on health.

    So what's the truth? Is a daily drink or two really good for you or extremely bad for you? And of course, does alcohol (if you just can't live without it) fit into a paleo diet, and if so how?
    I might be wrong but on a Paleo diet alcohol is not allowed...Primal....moderation becomes key.
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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