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Thread: Given Up Diet Coke: Looking for Substitute

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    Sassy Water is one of my favorites. Still water with cucumber, mint, lime..whatever sounds good. Steep it in one of those cheap ice tea vessels from Target or wherever.

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    I tried for year to get off any sort of pop/soda. For me, my vice was 1 Mountain Dew a day. I'd use the approach of having one every other day for 2 weeks, then every second day, etc till I was done. In the past, whenever is taste a Mountain Dew for the first time in months, I'd be hooked again!

    I finally succeeded and now when I taste I think "ick!!" I am 24 and have been trying to change since 16. I can now have Mountain Dew in the house for guests and not drink it.
    1) I lowered my refined sugar intake overall and use coconut sugar or honey to sweeten things, so things sweetened with refined sugar taste strange to me. I also notice the negative effects of Mountain Dew more now that I don't have refined sugar in my diet at all.
    2) I got cans of seltzer water. My deal with myself was if you what Mountain Dew, drink one of these first and think about it! They make some types flavored with lemon, lime, raspberry, etc. It is nice to still have a bubbly treat. For me, it was an acquired taste. At first, I mixed a bit of honey and vanilla in it which was delicious!
    3) If I crave things I really don't want to, I google the negative effects of said foods to remind myself what I'd be doing to myself by "cheating".

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    How about Stevia? Are you trying to avoid that too? If not, I am obsessed with Zevia! It's the BEST, seriously!

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