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Thread: Sort of a success story

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    You say you've seen good results, I say outstanding!

    I'm sorry you've had to deal with so many shitty people in your time.

    You look great, healthy and vital. Enjoy the next phase of your evolution and know your contribution to this forum has been appreciated and of value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tfarny View Post
    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least

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    Sweet jezus, I'm so not surprised that you got on the heavier side of healthy!! You really should disown your mom!!
    Those first two pictures showed a very healthy young girl. You shouldn't have been confronted with the thoughts of being fat when you are 13 and look like that.
    I was bigger at that age and was a fanatic horse-rider as well, I looked so much worse on a horse...

    I know it doesn't help you but I feel really sorry for that girl that had to deal with a mother like that and class-mates like that. Especially since you were open to the comments and let them affect you. I don't blame you for it, not many teens are able to let the comments slide and ignore them. Especially since your mother was the one to make them instead of loving you.

    Yes, you look good right now. I understand that you still aren't happy with a few things but it's about how you feel. Do you feel healthy and happy in your own body?
    On the legs, for women it's good to have a bit of fat there, it give you something that is called 'curves' and they are made to show the male population that your body is healthy to bare children. (there might of course be issues that prevent getting pregnant but in general evolutionary history, curves and a bit of fat on the legs and bum indicates that).

    You should be proud of what you have achieved and realize that many are jealous of you now, including your mom!!
    With turning 40 you'll get the chance to start anew. Give that big date a bigger meaning and try to see it as a new start, without the bag for of hurt from a prior life.
    (I know it won't happen overnight but try, make yourself happy!)
    My story, My thought....

    It's all about trying to stay healthy!!!!

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    Thanks for the kind words.
    I wanted to speak up for my mom. She is and was a good person and a good mother in all aspects of my life, with the exception of being critical of my weight. Obviously, she paid for the horses, paid for my education, was proud when I achieved anything and even as an adult did things like hold a sign up to cheer me on in crappy weather at a marathon. I think her criticism of m weight came from a good place and was well intentioned. She knew what a burden it would be. I'm not sure she knew the other crap I went through, it's not something I ever mentioned.

    I believe that the message was damaging because of the number of sources it came from. That's what upset me the other day about the topic with rude comments about larger women. There have been a few other points of ridicule on this BB. I'd hate to think that a person wanting to lose weight would come to this site for information and see, yet again, more negative comments.

    I know a lot of people say things like "It's just an online BB", well it's one about health and wellness. All day long, I know fat people are a butt of jokes elsewhere and you know, some asshole bro putting up some comments about "Fat Chicks" yeah, that's a douchebag. But realize that the person who read that comment and (more than likely said nothing) probably hears that same hurtful and damaging message in many other corners of their life and the damage is in the adding up of that message.
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    Wow! You're definitely an overcomer. More power to you! I hope this encourages any who are struggling with these feelings and thoughts. Especially from family. That must be awful.

    And it is weird, when people start looking at you for those extra few seconds. I still sometimes forget I'm not obese anymore. You ever walk past a window or mirror and think, "Dang! Look at - OMG, that's me!"?
    Steak, eggs, potatoes - fruits, nuts, berries and forage. Coconut milk and potent herbs and spices. Tea instead of coffee now and teeny amounts of kelp daily. Let's see how this does! Not really had dairy much, and gut seems better for it.

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    Magnolia, you perservered despite the messages you received. I was always fluffy, so to speak but also ballooned out during college. I did have a loving and supportive family thank goodness. I have also noticed a tremendous change in people's behaviour towards me since losing over a hundred pounds. My motto is however, if you didn't have time for me when I was fat, but the same person, screw you now. Good luck to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misabi View Post
    You say you've seen good results, I say outstanding!

    I'm sorry you've had to deal with so many shitty people in your time.

    You look great, healthy and vital. Enjoy the next phase of your evolution and know your contribution to this forum has been appreciated and of value.

    I'd like to thank Misabi for typing out everything I wanted to say.

    Great work Magnolia. (and Misabi)

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    That's the last time in my life that being fat was not on my mind.
    This was so hard to read. I recognized that 10yo immediately. I'm sorry your classmates were so horrible to you. That at least, wasn't something I had to endure. The hurtful comments from your mother, though, sound all too familiar.

    You look amazing. Physically, you must feel amazing too, even if you haven't caught up emotionally. And you're obviously incredibly resilient so no doubt you can go even further.

    I have to say I think you're being too easy on your mother. Just because she did the best she could and didn't completely screw everything up doesn't make her comments about your body any less appropriate. Have you told her you don't appreciate her comments and that she needs to keep her thoughts to herself? Strangers, acquaintances, they're whatever, and you're better off not investing too much in their opinions, but you have a right to demand better from your own mother. I can't even imagine how demoralizing it would be if I still had to listen to my mother's commentary on my appearance. It made a huge difference in my outlook once I told her I would not tolerate her bitchy little comments.

    Good luck with the rest of your journey.
    50yo, 5'3"
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    Mags I've enjoyed reading your comments on different threads and hope for you all the best in your future. I hope you do come back to the forums again some day as your comments are always appreciated. I'm certain by more people than just myself.

    No one can define you Mags no matter who they are. Each of us come from our own history lined with hopes, dreams, happy times but also by insecurities, personal regret, and skeletons. None of these things have anything to do with who you are and what magic you can dust on the world.

    Remember to be kind to yourself.

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    Magnolia, thank you for sharing your story. People can be so crass and cruel to those who don't fit their mold of what someone should look like. When those types of things happened to me, I found it hard to forgive people in general. Even now at a normal weight, I still am angry at my species for being so shallow.

    You've done a great thing for yourself. I hope all is good for you moving forward.
    "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


    Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.

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    Mags, who am I going to flirt with around here if you're gone?

    And what about my upcoming squats pictures?

    Also, your story is great and your comments are always super insightful.

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