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Thread: Anyone eat opposite of primal...high carb low fat?

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    Like others have said, high carb/low fat isn't really not primal. Primal is about what foods you eat, not macros. Anyway I was low carb and keto for a while. I'm in Singapore and I'm on high carb now, simply because of the environment. My macros are something like 60% carbs, 25% fat, 15% protein I reckon. I feel the same way I always have which is great. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore

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    High Carb / Low Fat isn't primal but it could be done right persay. If the person stayed away from gluten, oats, and most beans and only used sweet potatoes, organic corn, organic potatoes, fruit, taro, tapioca, and rice it could be done. They would only take in about 300 grams of carbs daily to do it right. And their fat has to be from good sources like coconut oil, avocados, and extra virgin olive oil. They would have to eat organic chicken, pastured eggs, lean grass feed steak, and fish to stay healthy. It could be done, but it isn't ideal.
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    I was doing low carb high fat to restore fertility (lactational amenorrhea for the past 28 months). Nothing happened but I started getting concerned because my hair was growing very, very slowly.

    Reversed the macro ratios and started high carb low fat and minimal PUFA a few months ago, and what do you know-- I got my first postpartum period! My kid still nurses around the clock, so I didn't have to wean to resume fertility.

    So that worked for me, fertility-wise. I haven't gained any weight.

    eta: I had PCOS before conceiving my daughter, and was put on metformin, so assumed carbs was the problem, and that's why I went low carb.
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