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Thread: Alternative to giving my baby 'baby rice' and cereal

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    My best friend gave her kids everything they ate as well. She just made sure it wasn't too spicy or salty and that it would taste relatively good all blended together.
    She doesn't believe in Primal but somehow what I remember her kids grew up eating the first 18 months totally primal.
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    Baby led weaning with both of ours, give them a range of stuff and see what they go for. Stewed oxtail with carrots, swede etc goes down well and mine loved cold slices of melon as they help soothe teething gums.
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    Another baby-led weaning advocate here. Munchkin's first food was broccoli (she loves it), bananas, mashed taters, ham and bean soup, steak...pretty much everything we ate. Even without teeth she could gum all the goodness out of a slice of grilled tri-tip and just leave the fibers behind.
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    OP I gave my kids what I ate for breakfast... eggs, meat, veggies, fruit... whatever.... never did the "special baby food" but I did practice baby-led weaning.. my kids would gum down on a banana quite happily..
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