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Thread: Help! Vegetarian daughter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    Sure.... as a third world protein source
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    lol...glad someone's paying attention!

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    Get a copy of " the Vegetarian myth" by Lierre Keith. read it. read it again. Then have a heart to heart talk with the kid about what she is doing and why she thinks she is doing it. Be prepared to explain how the world works to her.

    Also if she wants to be Vegetarian then this is a great time for her to learn to cook and understand how food is made and where it comes from. I have met a lot of Veg*ns that have no, zip, zero, zilch idea where food actually comes from or how it is produced.

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    If she's eating eggs and dairy still, buy her some good pastured eggs, lots of them. Coconut oil and olive oil should be staples. Oh, and of course cheese and small amounts of raw yoghurt (well, raw if you can get it).

    Oh, and get her started on a fermented veggie habit early.
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    Thankyou all for the ideas. I'm lucky that she will eat Greek yogurt & we have chickens so fresh eggs
    I have always allowed my children options in what they eat as I want them to learn to eat healthy & make healthy choices.

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    Is kicking her out of the house an option?

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    My 12 yo daughter, who is a ferocious carnivore, decided to go vegan out of the blue.

    It lasted 8 hrs...

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    You could check the Weston Price folks for the best way to prepare beans to minimize the anti-nutrients. I also seem to remember Mark coming down on the side of lentils being a great choice if you're going to eat beans.

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    Best part about a diet like that is minimal cooking. I basically dont eat meat besides oysters and i never cook anything more then some eggs, usually soft boiled. Mainly just have big meals of dairy, eggs and fruit. Love it.

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    Sabotage. Another method is to continue cooking as usual, she can eat vegetables without meat. Don't explain sufficient calories or protein deficiency. Let them convince her to coming back to eating real food.

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