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Thread: barefooted???

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    barefoot most of the time here when i am at home. i wear vivos when i go out for a walk. barefoot on the beach unless it is really cold. and i train barefoot or in vivos at the gym. i wear tactical assault boots when i go bush or the vivos if i know it isnt going to be wet or muddy. and leather soul shoes jandals in the summer when i have to go to town or barefoot.

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    At home I just wear socks, so I can pop shoes on to go outside. But at work, standing so much, I find sneakers more suitable. I sort of adapted to the "barefoot shoes" but in the end ten hours of intense standing, leaning, pushing and pacing was just too much for bones against hard tile.
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    I go barefoot in the house and office (it's a yoga studio, so I can), and then wear shoes (vibrams, unless it's raining like nuts like today -- in which case I wear rubber boots) when I'm walking in the city (even though it's pretty clean).

    But, around where I live, I tend to barefoot.

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    Being a northern Aussie (sub tropics) I'm in barefoot/ thongs (haha flip flops) all year round. Got a pair of work boots, joggers, and dinner or event shoes also.

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    My turn: at home, always barefooted. Outdoor ? depends. Sandals in summer, running shoes otherwise (I can sprint any time in this way without feeling any discomfort). In winter, I have some comfortable boot-like shoes (not sure how to call them in English) which I remove at work.

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    When the weather permits appropriate warmth, I just carry flip-flops one to a pocket, and drop them to go indoors, or sometimes over shitty 70s aggregate-concrete.
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    At home: barefoot or sockfoot.
    Out: Birkenstocks or loose Keds, mostly. When I have to wear a 'shoe' I can definitely feel the difference, and am happier as soon as I take them off.

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    I play golf, hike and do a little running barefoot.. don't like pavement with barefeet though, so flip flops most of the time.

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