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Thread: How many servings of veggies do you have a day, and which ones are your fav

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    My favorite veggie?


    Eat that shit like candy folks.
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    My wife is on a relatively restricted FODAMPs style thing at the moment, so we pretty much just stick to mushrooms, carrots, spinach (and related) and tomatoes.

    I have mushrooms with breakfast every morning, and we basically always eat carrots in the evenings. Green leafy veggies as the mood takes us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    Usually 0. I prefer fruits like avocado and coconut, berries, etc. Also organ meats and ferments, yes. But lately my wife is on a broccoli kick and so I end up with the rest of the frozen veggie mix, carrots and cauliflower. Been eating them well-done without trouble. I think I like it again, after a long campaign of no veggies. Maybe I'm just bored with steak and eggs, if that's even possible.
    Oooh! Have you had fermented catfish yet?
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    I normally eat:

    Sweet potato, carrots, broccoli, parsnips and brocollini

    I only roast them, I like them crispy and crunchy, I chuck them in salads and have them as sides with meat or chicken.

    I coat the veggies in coconut oil melted down and then put in herbs, cayenne pepper etc, parsnips I prefer more than carrots, they are worth a try.

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    I generally have raw veggies for breakfast and lunch, and cooked for supper. Cucumbers, celery, radishes, spinach, cabbage, rutabaga, carrots are my raw staples. For cooked veggies, I like all types of cabbages, squashes, beets, carrots, muchrooms and beans/peas. I do love eggplants and tomatoes, but try to reduce it atm because of joint pains. I add bell peppers sometimes, but don't like them much. I often make yam dehydrated chips. And, obviously, lots of onions and garlic in cooking.
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    Depends on the day.

    I find that I have far less digestive upset by staying away from salad.

    On weekends (I IF with broth during the week) I will have some tomato with eggs, or sometimes some spinach.

    Lunch is a mix of roasted veggies and some protein like fish, salmon, chicken legs, hamburger. Todays veggie combo is eggplant, green and yellow zucchini, onions, and tomatoes from the farm share. Kind of a ratatouille mix.

    My favorite is roasted turnips, parsnips, carrots, onions, sweet potato.

    Dinner is another veg, usually broccoli or green beans because the kids love it.

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    OK, I'll say it. I have no idea what a serving of veggies even consists of. XD Can anyone enlighten me?

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    Twice or three times a day, depending on whether I have just fruit, nuts and kefir for breakfast or something more substantial.

    Favourites... purple sprouting broccoli, red kuri squash. That's just become available at the market again - there's just one stall that does it. It's beautiful steamed, fried or (best of all) diced and roasted with olive oil, seasoning and rosemary. It's not sickly sweet like spaghetti squash or bland and boring like butternut, and the skin is completely edible.

    Love the colours, too... rainbow chard, purple kale, purple cauliflower. And can never resist Romanesco cauliflower, either - fractal vegetables, what's not to love?

    Are we allowed salads, too? Baby chard, rocket (arugula), mizuna, mibuna, lots of things from the market I don't know the name of...

    The absurd thing is that when I was vegetarian (and vegan) I had no idea most of these things existed, and ate barely half as much veg as I do now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miniGrokette View Post
    How many servings of veggies do you have a day,
    About 3-8 a week.
    and which ones are your favorites?
    Potatoes. They're practically the eggs of the vegetable kingdom. I HATE leafy vegetables. They taste like awful.

    Edit: I'm also curious about eating fresh vs. raw veggies. I love 'em cooked, but have been wondering if I should mix it up? Eating a cold piece of broccoli just doesn't do it for me
    Prefer them cooked. I eat fruit raw, but never raw vegetables.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hilary View Post
    The absurd thing is that when I was vegetarian (and vegan) I had no idea most of these things existed, and ate barely half as much veg as I do now.
    The vegans I know best ignore or downplay all nonstarch vegetables. In the US at least, many of us grow up with our only exposure as canned boiled carrots in the school cafeteria.

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