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Thread: Americas Cup - lean with me Kiwis!

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    I may have to turn in my Yank card because I find it hard to root for Larry Ellison.

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    Another good race . . . when the guys are interviewed in the media here, they're all about 'don't get excited, yet, it's still anyone's cup'. Yeah, right

    I'd like to see them win a start, though!
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    Holy God! The Kiwi's just won 2 more races. "Their poop floats". The only thing that can stop them now is maybe if they flip their boat again. Their other boat is not yet fully repaired. The Yanks are really lost. It must be horrible for them, and after all that advertising. They really thought they had the best boat. But the Kiwi's put in the 'tweak' and, it turns out, have a better hull design because it tacks faster.
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    Yay kiwi's

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