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Thread: Who likes really hot weather?

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    Living in Minnesota, I get faced with two extremes every year. We get freezing, dry winters that sap all the moisture from your (exposed) body, and then hot, humid summers. Also, I went to California last year around this time; and where I was, it was pretty much a desert, so it was 85-100 during the day, and 35-50 degrees at night every day.

    I like to say I can tolerate a wide range in temperatures, but when I say "tolerate", I mean physically. In reality, I hate hot, humid weather. But if forced to put up with it, I can with ease. I just have to change my shirt more often.
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    Born and raised in NH but moved to south Florida when I was about 17. I've become acclimated to the heat, but it's definitely not my favorite.

    I still really love and miss the autumn -- that time of year and climate is my favorite. Sweater weather. Heading to UK in 2 weeks and I can't wait!

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    sweltering in Houston right now. 100F. Yuck. That's how I feel about heat. 70 and sunny is perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    In my opinion, desert heat is the best kind because it cools off overnight, giving you a break from it. Areas of deep shade can also remain cool even with open sun areas are blazing hot. I like warm and humid, such as 80-85 degrees and humid. It's a sensation you rarely get in So Cal.
    I'll take 90 degree nights over desert nights. Humid is nice too.

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    Found something scientific.
    In humans
    According to William R. Leonard of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Florida, human populations follow Allen's rule. As evidence, Leonard cites a study by D.F. Roberts of the Anthropology Laboratory at Oxford University that showed human populations follow Allen's rule. A.T. Steegman of the Department of Anthropology at State University of New York investigated the assumption that Allen's rule caused the structural configuration of the "Arctic Mongoloid" face. Steegman did an experiment that involved the survival of rats in the cold. Steegman found the rats with narrow nasal passages, broader faces, shorter tails and shorter legs survived the best in the cold. Steegman paralleled his findings with the "Arctic Mongoloids", particularly the "Eskimo" and "Aleut," by claiming these "Arctic Mongoloids" have similar features in accordance with Allen's rule: a narrow nasal passage, relatively large heads, long to round heads, large jaws, relatively large bodies, and short limbs."
    I suppose you would just say the opposite for me? Wide-ish nasal passage, not big hands, average head but definitely not long, average to small-ish jaw, long limbs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snoops View Post
    sweltering in Houston right now. 100F. Yuck. That's how I feel about heat. 70 and sunny is perfect.
    I'm with you on 70 being perfect. I was at the A&M-Rice game today, and the heat index was about 104 F. People were passing out left and right.
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    I hate the heat with a passion!! Anything above 80 is too hot for me. I can't even think of exercising or running unless it's below 70, which sucks because where I live I have to run at 9 or 10pm at night.
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    I am with Dora....

    Optimal working out temp is upper 50's to mid-60's. I produce so much heat otherwise that it lessens my output. I love to go run when it's 40 outside with just shorts on an watch people stare at you for being rightfully insane...

    I am a polar bear at heart though. I never understood how cold got such a bad rap, at least in moderation. Once you get below zero, that is pretty rough, but a 30 degree day is pleasant to me. I realize I am much in the minority here....just put on a coat, some fur, then rock and roll. Heat cannot be escaped though...I can only take off so much, at least if I want to stay off probation

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    Desert rat here- grew up in the desert in CA, now living in the wasteland that is Las Vegas. I would guess it is just a matter of acclimatization, but I much prefer the heat (as long as it is dry) to cold. Cold (which I define as below 70F) is just mind-numbing to me, although I will admit I like the AC running full blast when I am sleeping. I'm generally fine until it hits 110F, anything above that I will say is really hot. Worst crossfit workout I ever had was last August, 10- 100m sprints when it was 111 out. Even for a self-proclaimed desert rat that was brutal.

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    I miss the desert, too. 104F in dry weather is about when I fold my cards. The cleansing-like effect of temperature extremes is rarely missed by people here in drizzle-ville NW Washington. I don't know what it is, but as the night gets cold and stays so dry, my skin just always felt so clean! People who haven't lived in the desert don't know what they are missing. Of course 92F here in Wa feels like 104F in California, so I can understand why people balk at such numbers if they haven't lived them.
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