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Thread: Living Strong

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    Completed three days in a row of reasonable eating. Then resisted weighing myself this morning (a known momentum stealer). Here's to another great day!

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    Feeling really good. Staying away from the scale.

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    Finished reading primal blueprint. Great book. I like the gene expression angle. It's like a health and fitness hack. Or, more like, here's the software to get the most out of your hardware, instead of CW's sledgehammer approach to programming. Not to mention I always noticed that if I was really going full boar on a workout, I'd be spent by 30 min in. Short workouts make sense to me. One thing I am not really sure about though is the moving frequently at a slow pace. I walk a lot, but my heart rate rarely breaks 55%, more like 45-50%. Oh well, I think I can manage an extra two hours of light cardio.

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    Thinking about giving up calorie counting and just focusing on being healthy. I've always come back to counting though. It's so easy on smart phones now, and it feels safe.

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    DH supports not calorie counting, at least until November.

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    Just got back from a two hour walk and wander.

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    Ugh, yesterday. Eating fell apart a bit, and I felt fat and anti social. For better or for worse, isolating myself was not an option

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    Better today.

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    It's been 3 weeks since I took progress pics, and I've been doing circumference measurements and calliper body fat testing on Mondays, so today I took pictures (front, side and back) along with my other measurements. It looks like I am making some progress .

    Today at the gym, I think I was stronger on my pull ups and deadlifts. My workout journal will now be my progress barometer instead of the scale.

    Also, on my fitbit account, I put in my measurements as 143 lbs, and 20% bf, so that I wouldn't be tempted to step onto the scale, just to update my fitbit for a more accurate burn meter.

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    Changing up the workouts. Aiming for brisk walk Sunday, whole body heavy weights Monday, PEM one circuit Wednesday, 70-75% hr cardio Thursday 1/2-1 hour, sprints or weights Friday.

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