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Thread: Sorry in advance...Poop questions...

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    Quote Originally Posted by biko View Post
    Just bought the wrong one.
    No tapioca to be found, so I bought potato flour, which should've been starch.
    The flour won't work at all?
    Potato flour, if it is made from cooked and dehydrated potatoes, is all readily digestible starchy carbs. Potato starch is made by grinding raw potatoes and filtering off the starch, it is never heated, and is almost pure resistant starch. The quickest way to tell is mix it with some water, if it turns to a gooey mess (like wheat flour does in water) it is potato flour--if it retains it's grainy composition and settles to the bottom, it's starch. Also, when heated potato flour will turn into a souply, gloppy thick mess. Potato starch will turn into a clear jelly.

    Seems some countries use the term interchangeably, so make sure you aren't using what I described as potato flour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oxide View Post
    rkm, it probably will take at a least 3-4 days to see a difference from stopping the macs (if the macs are the cause). If I go through a 6.5 oz jar of macs in 4 days or so and then stop, the looseness effects being to show after 1.5 days, looseness for about 2 days, and then 2 days of nothing. I guess I'm so emptied out that I need to build up more waste. Also, my gut will feel kinda "tired" inside, as if spasming out all that looseness was a hard workout.

    And you've been chowing 1/2 cup macs a day, every day without stopping, for years?
    OP - Your problems may be totally unrelated to gut flora and the potato starch may not give you the desired results on their own, but rest assured it's not a waste of time.

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    I am still very happy with the result of my morning potato starch in orange juice. I actually can't believe that I have had no problems with my digestion in over a week now. The result has been daily BMs, no pain, and no blocked feelings in my intestines. I can't believe that the solution could be so simple. I have made a few other minor changes, but would be surprised if they were the main reason for the improvements.

    Summary of changes made:

    -I am having orange juice with a tablespoon of potato starch every morning
    -I allow myself to drink orange juice whenever I want to
    -I have been eating more cheese
    -I have been eating oysters on occasion
    -I have been using a Squatty Potty
    -I have a glass of milk with a tablespoon of gelatine every night before bed
    -I've been going to sleep before 10pm

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    I guess I'm seeing some improvements!

    Fermented, boiled, frozen, then cooked again lentils DON'T bloat me at all while store bought did BLOOAAAT me real bad, so thanks for the tip!

    Also seems that since I re-introduced my bowels to lentils, small chia gel sips before meals, some rice, some more sweet potato and bigger portions (working out more) my BM's are less problematic.
    Not there yet, but the small, hard #$^#% pelleted poops ATM are making way for softer, bigger, and more frequent BM's.

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