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Thread: Eating + Lifting to get Leaner and Stronger - Is it even possible?

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    Hmm could be interesting to try. I did the Protein Power diet a long time ago and it worked but eventually VLC gets tedious. People really have the energy to lift heavy on that diet? I'm guessing the volume must have to be kept low though.

    I've managed to stop the weight gain and even lose a little. Brought calories down to an average of 2900 last week, but most days I'm aiming for 2700, and higher on workout days. Keeping protein the same. But I finally stalled on the Deadlift, the last to do so as is usually predicted.

    I suspect I might have been able to keep pushing some lifts up if I were doing less in the workout. Squats and Deadlifts on the same day is rather draining now, for instance. On the DL I did 2 reps of a PR and then all of a sudden I had this feeling of "nope, out of gas." Didn't want to risk injury so I de-loaded to finish out the set.

    My experience of lifting on fewer calories has thus far been this: During workouts I have less gas in the tank so to speak, and afterwards it feels like recovery is slower. That slightly sore beaten-up feeling after lifting sticks around longer.

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    Thought I'd post a little update.

    After that last post I continued to lean out just a bit, but after a point it became frustrating to have all my lifts stall so I got back on the program. I've started to put on some upper body mass so I think I look better even though I'm heavier, and gaining weight, which I wouldn't have expected. As long as my pants/belt fit the same I'm not getting too worried about body fat but I'm keeping an eye on it. The amount of calories is rather seems like I need 3700 to 4000 now and a good solid night of sleep to keep progressing on SS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkG View Post
    As far as exercise, 2X a week HIIT session such as sprinting and 2-3X a week weights is plenty.

    I seem to be following the threads similar to this one and working my way through all of the advice or opinion. I'm curious though, what type of program are you thinking of in this statement above?

    My wife and I could both stand to lose plenty and we have recently gone back to the gym. We started out just doing a simple circuit just to get our old joints acclimated to moving heavier things around. As of this weekend, I experimented with something long the lines of Starting Strength, a 5X5 structure and a 5/3/1. In other words, something different than the old 3 sets of 10. What I like is the use of the main, compound exercises and not an obsession over several exercises for each muscle group.

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