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Thread: your other half

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    My DH is supportive. We only eat one meal a day together- dinner- so he's not primal. But he eats what I cook at dinner without complaint, and he tries to cook primal (not always successfully) for me on his nights to cook.
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    Food will probably be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

    I'm allergic to yeast. I start wheezing from the smell of beer or wine and guess who just bought a kegerator and leaves unwashed beer glasses in the sink and all over the house? I'm celiac and he's generally good about cross contamination, until I see him make a huge mistake (like holding a bun over the meat we're about to cook) and then he'll just tell me I shouldn't worry. On the other hand, he's allergic to shellfish and despite my growing up on the coast and loving them, I haven't ever had them in the house. I'm tired of giving up so much to protect his health and not being able to feel safe in my own kitchen. I have to clean the counters off before I prepare anything and it's exhausting. I guess I need to join crossfit and see what other options I have, but after having to constantly clean up his gluten filth I don't have the energy for it.

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    My fiance tried it out when I did and was seeing results. He felt the core-science and arguments presented were logical and that there's no harm in it. I acknowledged that it was within his power to consume any energy drinks or chocolates he wanted to and agreed not to nag him about it (although jokingly teasing and scolding were permitted). He acknowledged that any amount of them was worse than none at all, so cut back. He's now pretty 80/20.
    When at his place, I eat what I like. He may cook rice and I choose if I want it or not. He may have an energy drink, but I can choose to reject it.
    When at my place, we eat almost 100% primal besides the odd energy drink or cola he brings with him and some chocolate.
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    My boyfriend cooks... he loves cooking and try new things. So I guess I'm really lucky. He won't do the full diet with me but dinner will be meat and veggies for me and him adding pasta, rice or potatoes. I told him yesterday I wanted to do the diet, I have started the exercise last week and I asked him if he would help me preparing all the meals.
    So I started today and feel great.
    I'm hoping he'll do the complete thing but if not at least he supports me by making delicious meals.

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