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Thread: Thoughts on the supernatural

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sambo712 View Post
    Lots of interesting thoughts here, many of which I resonate with.
    I agree that if it happens it is natural and that supernatural by definition is impossible, but it is a word that many can immediately understand, so maybe we should dispense with the semantics for now.

    I trust that this woman I speak of is not trying to win attention or make money, she's quite private about the matter. Her feelings are convincing to me, and that is why I bring them up, because I am inclined to think otherwise.

    This post is a manifestation of my attempt to make sense of the world around me without the use of faith or blind belief.

    As some have stated here, I think that perhaps people have more methods of perception than we allow ourselves to use. Something like a down regulation of certain traits in order to up regulate others.

    I am trying to see reality as it is, and to make an informed perspective of the world around me with which to work. This is no meager task, so I'm hoping we can share viewpoints and world lenses in discussing the topic.
    Fair enough.

    So do you want to know the reality (as far as we can tell) regardless of what it is?
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    I'm just trying to create a conversation that will help lead to better understanding for myself and those involved through the use of multiple viewpoints and experiences. A collective of minds seems far more promising than my own internal ramblings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MEversbergII View Post
    Wasn't a haiku.

    Yours or mine? I knew yours wasn't. I attempted to rectify that shortcoming. ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sambo712 View Post
    I'm just trying to create a conversation that will help lead to better understanding for myself and those involved through the use of multiple viewpoints and experiences. A collective of minds seems far more promising than my own internal ramblings.
    There's some very good videos on youtube I've seen that cover this stuff - though they come from the perspective of explaining stuff that may seem supernatural, in natural ways.

    Much of it is how people perceive and think can effect what they think may is or true.
    Such as mistakes that can be made by humans (and animals) that can lead to (and propagate) false beliefs.

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    The way I see it, biological life is a super-complex continuum of cellular systems whose energy relatedness and emission host conciousness. So, why would these be the only system relationships that invite it? Like why can't there be sentient molecular clouds or planets or something?
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    I believe in the supernatural. It is a belief. I don't expect much of anyone here to understand. I don't make fun of your beliefs. Don't make fun of mine.

    One time early on here, I posted something spiritual that meant a lot to me. Most everyone sneered. I won't make that mistake again.
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    due to various personal experiences, i'm a believer in the afterlife
    yeah you are

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sambo712 View Post
    I know this isn't really PB related, but there are a great many informed and inquiring minds on this forum that I think will lend well to discussion.

    I am becoming less religious every day, and have pretty much decided that our universe is incredible enough without an omniscient, omnipotent god looking over our shoulders and pulling all the levers. If there is such a god, he/she probably isn't concerned with human affairs. This is the standpoint I am coming from.


    It seems to me that many experience supernatural phenomena, for example...

    - I've felt my dad's intense distress from hundreds of miles away, and when I called, it turned out he was suffering from deep depression and was at one of his all time lows.

    - I've also always been absolutely sure that sensing the spirits of the dead was hokum, until I met a woman who upon driving past a particular part in the road felt a great sense of pain and suffering. She said that someone had died there in a very traumatic way. This turned out to be the exact spot where a high schooler had been tied to a tree, shot, and lit on fire which was committed in regard to gang related activity. This woman is lives 250 miles away from this city, and until recently has spent no time there. This is just one account of her sensing those that have passed. I can't help but believe her, despite my aversion to such stories.

    I think there is something to many of these accounts, perhaps a lingering of energy or information, or something like quantum entanglement, but I'm having a really hard time finding a direction to look in.

    Does anyone know of any research or explanations that look plausible at all?

    Does anyone have any similar experiences or anecdotes?

    Am I crazy or is there something going on here? Maybe a level of communication that we've evolved away from due to ever more sophisticated forms of language?

    Maybe science just hasn't caught up yet.

    Let's chat.
    I'll play along....

    -You felt your dad's distress from hundreds of miles away? His mind is being pumped with cortisol. How did it get to you? Was cortisol beamed to you? Did he send an electromagnetic wave from his mind to your mind? Maybe of the radio wavelength? We know physics and human nature reasonably well, although not perfectly. I don't see how mind reading from 100 miles away could happen. What's more likely? You are aware of his situation, and you expected him to be distressed because of it.

    -Your friend experiences a spirit? What is a spirit? An electromagnetic wave that passes through our bodies? Oh wait, that's what alchemists believe. What's more likely? She subconsciously noticed an area that had unusual behaviour. Maybe there were flowers on the tree, maybe animals/insects left that area due to the noise and trauma that occured that night, maybe any nearby houses got boarded up and/or the residents left after such an awful thing, etc etc. I don't know the specific situation, but I could creatively go on for days. What is her percentage for being correct about such places too? Could she have lied about not knowing about this place? Could she have consciously forgotten but subconsciously remembered the event occuring? My money is actually on that considering the brutality of the event; it would make statewide if not national headlines I would think.

    The bottom line is that just because your subconscious tells you something, that doesn't mean it came from a mystical place.

    Two more well-known facts:
    1. the mind cannot distinguish real events from imagined ones
    2. the mind finds ways to manufacture happiness at times
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    Here is what I think: if it exists, it is natural, not "super"-natural. Anything not understood, analyzed, factorized, and digested by our logical minds would look beyond natural (as in "natural laws as understood by humans"). It is a matter of interpretation.

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