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Thread: what if i want to sprint more often/ get better at it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by breetbree View Post
    hi, all. i know mark recommends 1 sprint session every 7-10 days, but what if i want to do more?
    Sorry, rules are rules. Once a week or you're out of the club!

    Sprint as often as you'd like, it's fantastic for you (in fact, I think one could argue that there is no better single exercise than sprinting). Regarding frequency, others are correct that a max-effort sprint workout, deliberately structured to work you to your limit, should take several days to recover from. But no one says you have to approach sprinting this way. It is perfectly possible to sprint (all out, top speed, by definition), but stop before you tax your body to the point that you have to take a week to recover.

    The amount of time you spend sprinting is the key factor, and you can play with this in a couple ways: time per sprint, and total workout time.

    A 50m sprint only takes 6-7 seconds, a 100m sprint might take 12-15 seconds, and a 200m sprint longer still. Attempting to hold max effort for longer duration sprints will generally be more taxing. And of course you can do more or less "reps". For example, a workout consisting of four 100m sprints will take less time to recover from than a workout consisting of eight 100m sprints.

    Workout in whatever way you enjoy most, if you're happy with the results, you're doing great.

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    the thing is, mark doesn't say to be "shaking at the end" of the sprint sessions. he said the point is to have some left in the tank after. thanks for your input, everyone. i'm going to be doing another short session tomorrow morning, definitely.(: i don't lift weights, though. i only do calisthenics and use a resistance band. and a weight vest with light weight in it so far. i did a calisthenics work out a few hours after my sprint session and i thought it was great. i actually did more dips and pull ups than i ever have later that day. i'll add maybe one more rep tomorrow with same rest time and see how i feel. then add another rep soon after, maybe 2-3 days. thanks everyone.

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    Google Clyde Hart 400 meter workout USATF. Workout times are based on a 46 second 400 meter - scale accordingly. And anyone that says you should be shaking at the end of a sprint and unable to repeat a workout the next day is just plain wrong.

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    Hill sprints, 40-70 yards, up a steep enough hill to where it is a challenge. 3x a week, never before squat days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfman View Post
    Hill sprints, 40-70 yards, up a steep enough hill to where it is a challenge. 3x a week, never before squat days.
    Oh yeah, seconded, those are awesome!

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