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Thread: Stretching/warmup tips for lower back

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    I watched/read this DL warm up series from Lift Big Eat Big: Lift Big Eat Big

    Some of the stretches others have mentioned are repeated here, overall I think this would be a solid warm up routine (give or take one or two).

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    The one thing I would caution though with dynamic stretches is that they can lead to injury if you are not careful and are not using proper form... and from the fact that the OP has said that he suffered pain sounds like there is an injured muscle there...

    Pain is our body's warning sign that something is wrong.

    A static stretch is probably better than a dynamic one at this stage because the last thing he needs is to re-injure an already injured muscle.
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    I spend 5-10mins warming up before my lift days. I like the following dynamic warmup

    3 rounds of 20 hindu squats, 20 mountain climbers, 5 push ups. Then do deep ATG supported hanging 3rd world squats, 3rd world squats pressing out on inside of knees etc. I also deload between sets by hanging from pull up bar.

    Hindu squats are a great dynamic warm up the back and hips feels a bit stiff the first couple then warms into it and releases tension. I find the MCers warm up hip flexours, start slow and build pace

    Another short warmup one is
    50 chi gong arm swings (washing machine)
    50 hundu squats
    50 DH KB swings (pick a lighter weight than you normally work with)
    50 KB halos
    50 KB around the worlds

    I also do this Hip opener type warm up sometimes as well (BW only)
    1) 10 Hindu press ups
    2) 10 Tee Squats
    3) 10 windmills left 10 right
    4) 10 alt leg dragon lunges
    5) 10 back hyper extensions or swimmers
    6) 10 rollups
    7) 10 bird dogs alt knee to elbow
    8) 10 scorpions
    9) 10 single leg hip bridges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    Make sure your "bending over" starts with a hip hinge.

    I'm gonna bet this is a big part of your problem.

    If you don't know how to hip hinge the foundation training book/program (cheap on kindle) is built almost entirely around strengthening and retraining this primal movement. Do the program for 6 weeks then come back to the deadlift.

    Foundation Training : Home
    Try the 12-minute your way into it. I'd also suggest reading Gokhale's book. Between the two of them they helped me understand how to improve my posture through both habit (walking, standing, sitting) and training.

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    Thanks everyone for the great suggestions!

    @Salixisme: I think it must have been the Quadratus Lumborum because that stretch leaning against the wall really nailed it. It's feeling better after some stretching and 2 days extra rest.

    I will do a form check video ASAP. I watched some deadlift videos such as:
    Free Video: How To Deadlift With Proper Form | StrongLifts StrongLifts
    I think I might have been leaning too far forward. I noticed he leans back as he tightens up just before the lift.

    Another relevant video:
    Starting Strength: Video
    I think I need to work on that lower back control as well. I might be one of those physical idiots Mark talks about.

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