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Thread: A little wine here, a little vodka there...

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    I usually have a few glasses of dry red wine on the weekends, and sometimes vodka with sparkling mineral water/lime/strawberry slices (or strawberry kumbucha!). It does tend to make me retain a bit of water, what with the temporarily elevated liver enzymes, but I usually lose it by Monday or Tuesday, then I'm back to losing - maybe just try not to overdo it *too* often.

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    Alcohol is processed differently than any other calorie you take in. Your body sees it as a toxin and so it is therefore bumped to the head of the line for processing by your liver. The trouble is that while your liver is busy processing that booze, the other food you ingest is being shunted into storage (because your liver is busy). Storage=fat.

    So, it is not just about the extra calories or carbs in booze, it is about how they are processed. Some people are more sensitive than others to this metabolic effect of booze.
    Personally, I have found that one night of very moderate imbibing (2-3 glasses of wine) can undo a whole week's worth of efforts with clean eating.

    So perhaps a Whole30 approach? Give it a complete rest for a month and then re-evaluate.

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    Thanks for all the great responses guys! I think I'm going to try a couple weeks with vodka soda see how it goes, and if I'm still having a hard time, then try more of a "Whole 30" approach, although that being said there are things I won't be eliminating diet wise because I'm burning a lot of calories during the day. I definitely see where it can be a calories in calories out thing as well because realistically I'm at the point where I'm just not losing weight anymore, but still leaning out and toning up. I don't even get on the scale at this point (thanks Crossfit...). I'll be sure to check back in with you all in a couple of weeks and report my findings. :-)
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    I was able to make decent body composition progress with really clean eating over a period of several months despite regularly drinking beer, wine, and NorCal margaritas. I tried to stay away from any drinks that are too sugary. Through a little experimentation I found that I made faster progress as well as felt and looked better when drinking primarily NorCal margaritas rather than wine or beer. One month that involved a lot of travel and visitors in town, I drank a lot of beer and felt I made some strides backwards. Right now I am experimenting with completely avoiding all booze for 30 days. At about 2 weeks in, I feel I am making good progress but it hasn't made the amazing difference I expected it to, at least yet. The jury is still out on whether the booze is worth it, but when I go back I will almost certainly be sticking primarily to NorCal margaritas.

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