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Thread: Is it ok to skip breakfast?

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    Quote Originally Posted by picklepete View Post
    Zoe Harcombe's rebuttal
    Excellent rebuttal! The raw data before statistical magic suggests the opposite correlation...frightening.

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    It depends. If your not hungry in the moring it's fine to wait until you are. If you're starving off hunger pangs and drinking black coffee to make yourself more "primal" then that's not cool

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    You're just as much of a mammal when nursing as when not :-) and your hunger cues will still work. I have been nursing continually for nearly 6 yrs (including through pregnancy and a short period of tandem feeding). Your body tells you when you need extra nutrition by giving you that insatiable ravenous hunger associated mostly with the first few months of the nursling's life (although I got it with nursing through pregnancy too). As your supply settles in, the hunger becomes more normal and creeping. Your supply will be well established now. As long as you are eating nutrient dense foods, not ignoring hunger, your energy is on an even keel (as much as it can be with sleepless nights!) and you aren't losing weight too fast then just be guided by your hunger and do what feels right. :-) forcing yourself too eat is rarely good (a few exceptions obv, but a normal, healthy lactating woman is not one of those).

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    I fight to miss breakfasts to lose weight. My goal is to eat my first meal at lunch, but normally I break down by 10 am, with only 14 hrs fast. I wish I was not hungry in the mornings!

    EDIT: in fact, I wish I stop feeling hunger at all. Life would be so convenient if you could just adjust the amount of food by your BF% status.... I am having a 2 day sort of a break from hunger (I took Jack3D last morning before workout, and I think reacted strongly to it), and boy, does it feel good.
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