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Thread: Foods begin to have different flavors?

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    I used to hate sweet veg like parsnips and hate fruit in savoury dishes (e.g. apricots in lamb stew), now I love both.

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    things I used to love, like Chinese food, I can no longer stand. just thinking about how Chinese restaurants smell (fried foods!) makes me lose my appetite. I so much prefer my own cooking, that eating out is no longer a treat, unless I get a simple steak and salad.

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    Well, I went out to eat Thursday night. I will advice against this. I ate my fill of sushi, a little pasta, wanton, and ice cream.. It was delicious.... My taste receptors still loved this bad food. Sigh. Now I am having some cravings come up again AND I feel super tired. Not sure if that is related or not. The veggies do NOT taste as good today, although I still like them. I'm not sure if this is psychological or not. Lol

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    Sorry to hear. But you got to where you did before, I think you can do it again.

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    when i cut out grains and sugars, i was doing low-carb, so it was 6 weeks before i even had a blackberry. it was the most luscious fruit i'd ever tasted!! once the garbage goes, real food is amazing.

    i know if i have any wheat or sugar i get very tired afterwards. if i have "too much" i feel utterly sick. soooooooooooooooo... i. don't. eat. them. because of how crappy i feel after eating this stuff, i don't WANT it anymore.

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    The "biggie" for me is processed food. Any chocolate under 55% tastes of oil. Any under 70% and there will be an aftertaste.
    Flavour-enhanced wines are vile.

    HOWEVER, if I eat artisanal chocolate, I can taste all the essential oils and herbs in it, making it a greater experience. And berries are amazing now. So it is positive, overall. It's just ruined any "cheats" for me.
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