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Thread: Keep falling off the plan.

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    I got the perfect beginning protocol for ya mate;

    You say you can go 2 days VLC before busting out right? Well do VLC for 1.5 days (stop before reaching your known limit) then the rest of the week just eat healthy (no carb or calorie restricting) if you stuff up and eat something naughty don't worry about it.

    Next week try go VLC for 2 days. Rest of the week eat healthy.

    Week after go VLC for 3 days. The rest of the week eat healthy.

    See where I'm going with this?

    If you can do VLC for five days, you've probably reached the stage where your cravings are controllable and you can then dial in your cal deficit (try cycling it) easily and also dial in optimal good carb levels (these are also optimal if you cycle as well)

    After this you'll be fifty pounds down

    What do ya think?
    This. For some, it takes a more gradual approach to really get dialed in, and that's okay. This is not a crash diet.
    Steak, eggs, potatoes - fruits, nuts, berries and forage. Coconut milk and potent herbs and spices. Tea instead of coffee now and teeny amounts of kelp daily. Let's see how this does! Not really had dairy much, and gut seems better for it.

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    Just some suggestions that work for some folks...

    Make eating junk food difficult. IOW, if delivery pizza were your poison of choice, make it so that not only do you have to drive to get it, but it can't be total crap - it has to come from from a mom 'n' pop pizzeria that has been making it for generations.

    Get all temptation out of the house.

    Make sure you have "healthy snacks" around - hard boiled eggs, cooked chicken parts, pate, canned sardines - things that require no cooking or thinking. You're in the mood to binge? Grab those. Eat to satiation. If you must have a sweet or die (just a little drama), make it be something that was grown, not something concocted by some manufacturer.

    As to VLC, it's different for everyone. It's not necessary to lose weight, though it does help to curb appetite. But eating fewer than 150 grams of carbs can also be an appetite supressor, especially if you'd gotten into the habit of filling up on bread, pasta, and sweets.

    Also, we all gain weight over the years, but when we finally want to lose weight, we all want it off yesterday. Ditch one or two things at a time if going all in isn't working.

    You'll get there. One day, you'll go to put crap in your mouth, look at your stomach, and decide it isn't worth it.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stacy15 View Post
    Just eat. Lots of meat and fat. Eat a lb of bacon and 6 eggs at a sitting. Eat a lb of fatty steak covered in butter, and then drink the leftover butter from your plate (I still do this). Still hungry, eat another steak. Don't worry about calories or fat. Cutting out the carbs WILL get rid of cravings.

    If you are coming from a higher-carb diet you will probably feel like crap for sometime. Everyone varies. I felt like crap for close to a month, with week 2 or 3 being the worst. But I knew about carb-flu from doing Atkins years back, and knew it would pass. it did. I have since added back in carbs (bananas, potatoes) but I can also goes days with none and feel just fine too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loafingcactus View Post
    As far as the cravings, most people find their food cravings go down if they go low carb.
    I wish that had been the case w/ me. It lasted a little while, being really satiated. But then watch out I was hungry and ate like a bear! Anything, everything, and sugar (or anything that would quickly convert to give me that "hit").

    It's a balancing act. I found small steps easier, i.e. a sandwich or burger w/ only one slice of bread for a while so that the bulk was the good stuff. Slowly the grains and non-primal stuff took a back seat. And I've learned I simply don't eat enough calorically of the good stuff. Thats a set-up for back sliding and easily makes me gravitate toward easy fix food. Which equals crap.

    Diligence is needed. Focus less on what you can't have and embrace that you can & should eat a whole host of other things you probably used to ignore.

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    I find it very easy to eat primal at home. Meals on the go are hard. Face it, a burger and fries beats a chicken salad no dressing. I find if I have my convenient primal food handy the temptation to eat junk dissolves. I always try and have things like eggs, applegate lunch meat and fruit at work. Then when lunch rolls around my eggs and roast beef sound better than any alternative.

    Don't buy the junk. If you don't buy it you can't eat it. Don't even go down the aisles at the store.

    I'd not go VLC especially if you are active. Just eat well balanced meals.

    Last, junk happens. If you eat it, so be it. Move on to a healthy choice next meal. A burger and fries on occasion won't kill you if you get right back.

    Have primal treats- whatever you like- chocolate, bacon, coconut flour treats. Think about what you crave- burger and fries? Have a bunless bacon burger with sweet potato fries. Craving cake? Coconut flour mug cake. I have found that if I want cake, no amount of steak changes that, but a mug cake stops the craving. But don't make these regular foods (well, the bunless burger is a regular food). Keep them treats.

    And just be prepared with a meal. Every day, have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the fridge as a no-brainer. Come home and have all the stuff ready for a steak, salad and sweet potato and you won't order a pizza. If you come home to an empty fridge or a bunch of frozen meat and old stale veggies, you'll be tempted to order a pizza.
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    A high fat low carb diet to start might help resolve the cravings. To go high fat, add cream, butter, cream cheese, coconut oil, that sort of thing. After the appetite is under control and the brain fog and weakness have worn off (that took me 5 weeks plus making sure I got extra salt in my diet) you can raise the carbohydrate from starchy vegetable sources and reduce the fat.

    Keep your protein high. I am a short old lady and I try to get a minimum of 100g of protein a day. This keeps me from being hungry better than anything.

    Another appetite bomb you may be interested in trying to kick start this thing is the "bulletproof coffee". You put your hot coffee in the blender with a spoonful of coconut oil, a chunk of unsalted butter and whirl away. Add cocoa powder for added deliciousness. This is a huge calorie bomb but if you start your day with one you may find that you need no breakfast and can go until 1pm or so before you need a meal. Eating no food at all is a form of low carb and if a buttery coffee helps you, it may be worth it in the short run.

    Good luck to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loafingcactus View Post
    As far as the cravings, most people find their food cravings go down if they go low carb. So if your food cravings are getting you, I would recommend going very low carb (50 g carb / day) and then working back up while creating a written food plan that is what you have worked out as an eating plan that controls your cravings.
    This worked very well for me. I used to live on fast and\or fried foods and my only liquid intake was soda. I went low carb primal and my cravings were less and less frequent. After a couple of months they were all but gone. Once that happened I started adding more and more primal carbs. These days I eat at least 3 pieces of fruit and a couple of [sweet and/or white] potatoes per day. Also a ton of eggs, meat and veggies.

    You will find your primal plan that works for you. It takes some experimentation, but it is well worth it. My BF% went from low 30s to about 11-12% at the moment (and less every day).
    The above should be viewed as complete and utter nonsense.

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