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Thread: Best Self Forward

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    That lunch sounds fantastic!
    How's your gym-ing going? As for your gastro issues, have you tried drinking mint, or chamomile tea to help settle and 'loosen' those knots?
    I may have missed where you specified your gender, but nettle (in tea) is also amazing for women's health.

    Post what you're making for dinner! I'm always looking for ideas!
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    Hi Jendara! I've been walking/hiking 2+ hours a day lately, so I've been skipping formal gym sessions. This week I won't have the time for that, so I'll be back! My plan is: MWF Pilates, T+Th some sort of bootcamp-style HIIT workout.

    I am indeed female - so I'll look into nettle! I've been having peppermint oil and oregano oil capsules with some chia gel, and that seems to help a bit. I'm not going to go too long on the oils, though, because they have antibiotic properties and I think too much can cause more harm than good. I love peppermint tea too! It doesn't really help much but it is delicious.

    I'll let you know what i end up whipping up for dinner!

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    Tonights dinner is now in preparation. Turkey and Sweet Potato Mini Shepherds Pies. I'll let you know how it turns out!

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