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Thread: VLC paleo 4th July dessert????

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwigal View Post
    Ugh anyone have any great ideas???? Thanks!!!!
    Chilled berries, dipped in melted dark chocolate.

    Either eat them naked with your lover at once, or refrigerate and serve at the family meal dessert.
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    Cut a fresh peach into thirds Wrap each with prosciutto. Grill. Thank me in the morning.

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    You could try a fruit fool - sauté some berries in butter until soft, then push through a sieve, and stir through whipped cream. Looks as though you've spent hours cooking, when it's only taken a few minutes!

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    Watermelon Cake. Google it at Paleocupboard. Essentially watermelon cut into a cake shape, dried off a bit, 'frosted' with whipped coconut cream, and topped with berries. Use blueberries on top, and you'll have a red, white, and blue dessert.

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    I would make a huge mold of berry jello set with gelatin. Old fashioned, yes, but very patriotic if you get the colors right, lol.

    You can also just dip berries in dark chocolate or make truffles.

    Pumpkin brownies will need sweetener, but they are pretty good and low carb as well. I did a version with sweet potato, pumpkin will be lower in carbs.
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    If you are sharing the dessert, and are the main dessert for a party, just do cut up berries and whipped cream, maybe throw in some chocolate for dipping or something. Something really elegant is cut up blueberries and strawberries layered on a glass with whipped cream (or coconut cream). I do a layer of berries, sprinkled with Chambord, layer of whip cream, more berries and chambord etc. Top with shaved chocolate. Really pretty, really decadant.

    If it is more "kid friendly" do fruit kebabs. Maybe dip one or two pieces of fruit per kebab in chocolate.

    I feel like when entertaining, you should stick to things that are "normal"- like serve steaks and veggies versus paleo pizza.
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    You could try this Recipe: Creamy Coconut “Get Some” Ice Cream (Paleo friendly) I have never tried it but it sounds good if you have an ice cream maker.

    Here is something else that I found somewhere and modified that I sometimes make, but it may or not be low carb enough for you since it includes bananas.

    Blend together 3 eggs, 2 bananas, 1 can of coconut milk, some cinnamon and vanilla extract. I also add a few tablespoons of MCT oil to offset some of the carbs and a grind or 2 of pink sea salt to bring out more sweetness (sounds weird but it makes it better).

    Pour it into 2 oven safe dishes, top with more cinnamon, bake at 350 for 45 minutes. I use clear dishes and watch to see when it is starting to brown around the edges.

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