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Thread: Cool meals for HOT weather

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    I actually hate mayo, even the homemade stuff. Sad I know, but its a texture thing. One of the few foods I really just don't like.

    I do eat leftovers (mmm Sunday roast makes any Tuesday better). Getting board with same old lettuce salads, but I've been experimenting with cold roasted cauliflower (also, cauliflower rice, I don't get it, but this stuff is good). I'll do some more experimenting. It's definitely easier to open a can of beans than cook meat and figure out what to do with it. Wrap it in bacon. Maybe, my ex vegetarian *** will get there eventually.

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    How about cucumber and avocado cream soup?

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    definitely any kind of gazpacho - I like green cucumbers, calery, lime, spinach, hot pepper and cilantro with a touch of avocado or tomato paste
    steak salad with or without dressing
    guacamole with veggies
    Smoothie with egg whites, banana, rhubarb and strawberries and watermelon - or anything else
    mushed banana with coconut milk and cocoa nibs (or sans coconut milk on a low fat day)

    We are pushing 35 centigrade tonight with sever thunderstorm warning so we'll be doing smoothies and leftover pork roast for those who can manage pork... I will probably trade mine for extra watermelon and almond butter. Or some dried fish. Now smoked fish would be super too, but don't have any. Would have steamed shrimps if we did not have the pork!
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    Stir-fry (quick and you get that burner turned off before it heats the entire house)

    Grilled items-the more you cook outside the less you heat the house

    Raw fruit and veggies-salads, sliced and dipped into a sauce, cucumbers especially are tasty

    Cold salads like tuna or chicken. If you don't like mayo you can mix them up with other stuff like just mustard or yogurt or sour cream or a splash of oil (macadamia is supposed really good, I've never tried it). I like mixing the shredded meat with fruit to get the sweetness/liquid from the fruit without having to use mayo.

    Coleslaw (yeah, I know, mayo again, but you can find non-mayo recipes) or sauerkraut

    The all-mighty Crockpot! Won't heat up the house but still gives you tasty meats and veggies.
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    Coleslaw can be made by sprinkling salt on cabbage to wilt it. Later, rinse and dress with oil and vinegar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RittenRemedy View Post
    It just got really hot and muggy here all of a sudden. I blame the late mansoon season last year, so I'm not ready for all this heat. I need some recipes that aren't hot and stodgy. Things made with leftovers are fine, I just don't want a warm heavy meal.
    I know this is kind of the opposite of what you are asking for, but in hot countries like india there's a reason they have hot curries....

    It cools you down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eKatherine View Post
    Coleslaw can be made by sprinkling salt on cabbage to wilt it. Later, rinse and dress with oil and vinegar.
    Just the other day I made cole slaw with olive oil and apple cider vinegar using more vinegar than you would for a normal vinaigrette (maybe half and half) plus salt pepper and whatever. Leave it in the fridge overnight so the cabbage absorbs more of the vinegar. It came out good though next time I'll try with less oil.

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    Grilled steak or fish on the BBQ with grilled veg or salads avocado tomatoes eggplants peppers.


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    made some with tuna and tomatillo last night. quick, easy, and cold!

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    I am working my way through the paleo selections of Mark Bittmans 100 summer salads:

    So far almost all of them have been amazing. I had a watermelon, feta, pastachio salad last night that was amazing - it had pickled red onions and a balsamic reduction. I also made the carrot salad from the list....really good!
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