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Thread: Whole steer- partial grass fed

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    *grass fed. Bloody iPhone.

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    I think that a more accurate term would be "Non Parlor Mix" say that the only true "grass fed beef" is one that literally eats grass year-round is nonsensical. Cows were not domesticated in Jamaica or Sicily. The fact that they need to eat hay, oats, etc when it is winter does not ruin the point of the enterprise: That being beef with more omega 3 and raised more humanely.

    I live in Vermont, and getting grass fed here is about as easy as getting gasoline (technically, my neighbor who raises it is CLOSER than a petrol station). That said, it is all fed non-greens in the season where they are no greens. A neighbor a few miles away raises them, and its taste, nutritional quality, along with humane practices is on another level to CAFO beef.

    Practically, that price is extortion if you are talking unprocessed. Cow bones weigh a LOT (femur can weigh over 50lbs), and as much as that marrow is valuable that price is outrageous. If processed into steaks, ground, with marrow cuts, organs, all of that, it is a reasonable price. Not great, but not highway robbery either. I would suggest offering three rates: one for steak cuts, one for ground, and another for marrow and organs. Also, I'd make sure to ask what "Half" they are selling you. Does that mean they take all the pricy cuts, make a ton from selling grass fed filet minions/ribeyes/T-bones to someone else at $40 a pound, and leave you the skirt steak, rough loin, etc....I would just want a lot of specifics. "Half steer" is scary to me... Otherwise they will charge you a flat fee and you end up paying $7 a pound for bones. Not cool
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    It's hard to find grass finished beef around me, I suspect because of how long our winters are.

    I used to board my horse at a working cattle ranch that raised hormone-free, antibiotic-free, pasture raised beef and although their steers never left the fields, in the winter time, they supplemented with alfalfa hay and if the winter was very very cold, a little bit of barley (never anything soy or corn based). They were never stuck put in feedlots nor confined their whole lives. When it was time for slaughter, they would round them up from the pasture, off to slaughter and then to be butchered. I was able to see and even help out with some of the cattle operations and even though the beef wasn't grass-finished, I felt completely comfortable buying their products, as the cattle were well cared for and had pretty good lives before becoming delicious steaks and burgers.

    Organic, grass fed beef is easy to come by, but when ever I try to source grass-finished beef, I find it WAY too pricey. So I settle for what I know is a good deal, good product, supporting a family farm. Gotta do what you feel is best, nutritionally, morally, financially, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by L0kI View Post
    I live in Canada... Close to quite a bit of farmland but the grassed is pretty hard to come by. There are a couple cuts available at the farmers market, but it seems sparse. I wish it were more available, I have a hard time justifying getting meat from New Zealand... Seems so environmentally un-sound....
    Eat Wild - Canada

    also check around for butchers, some are pricey especially in toronto but are cheaper elsewhere.

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