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Thread: What's the strongest most potent multi supplement out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidil View Post
    I know about e vitamin... I dont smoke.

    But yea maybe such strong doses are over the top. I'll take half the daily amount, it will still put me way above what's recommend.

    Omega 3 is one of the most researched supplements. Not taking one really is stupid.
    Good to see you can come back from the brink,
    But stop shooting yourself in the foot, Omega 3's PUFA's are good, no argument there, but there are questions as to whether the suppliments are actually delivering good quality unoxidised EPA & DHA,
    So it may or may not be stupid to not take O3 suppliments.

    Regarding the other post,
    As said it was an opinion piece selectively drawing on epidemiological data to propose a hypothesis that multivitamins may be good for you.
    The author criticised the Iowa study in that maybe sick women were taking multivitamins and should have been excluded, yet used the nurses study to support the folate/alcohol/breast cancer corrolation ignoring a typical epidemiological flaw that women (nurses) that take vitamins may well also have a health conscious lifestyle, eat better and exercise which may well explain their better health outcomes.
    Epidemiological data is only adequate to propose a hypothesis not to draw any definitive conclusions.

    The other statement that concerned me was:
    Some scientists believe there is not enough evidence to recommend for or against taking a daily multivitamin, because there isn’t yet enough data from randomized controlled trials. (17) That’s a reasonable but short-sighted point of view since it may never be possible to conduct randomized trials that are long enough to test the effects of multiple vitamins on risks of cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, and other degenerative conditions. Looking at all the evidence—from epidemiological studies on diet and health, to biochemical studies on the minute mechanisms of disease—the potential health benefits of taking a standard daily multivitamin appear to outweigh the potential risks for most people.
    This is the same type of logic that was used by the US government in the 60's to legitimize the Lipid Hypothesis based on the flawed 7 country study by Ancel Keys leading to a completely unfounded fear of saturated fats and still to this day refuses to die even though thousands of studies designed to validate this hypothesis have all failed and infact many have inadvertantly disproved it.
    Hence there is great danger in using epidemiological data for anything more than a hypothesis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgotmylastusername View Post
    I really don't think dosing up on a 1000% of rda's in certain nutrients is a good idea. The "more nutrients = better" idea isn't the best theory, nutrition doesn't work like that and it can even be harmful and create imbalances. Especially supplemented beta carotene and vitamin E.
    I'm going to agree with this. I'd stay away from *almost* all supplements. The problem with supplements is how they get the nutrient in demand. It's done in a laboratory. How? Your and my best guess. We don't even know the source of said vitamin. Maybe it's from a toxic source. For example, lots of Vitamin A comes from refined fish liver oil. You couldn't pay me to take that toxic crap. Have you seen the Vitamin E supplements out there? They're almost all extracted and packed in a rancid seed oil, since PUFA generally is paired with Vitamin E. Do you really want to get Vitamin E from a poisonous seed?

    And then there's the fact that multi-vitamins are loaded with tons of stuff you don't need and very little you do. Seriously, you don't need all that Vitamin B & C. Following this diet you're maxed out on each, so why pay for water soluble powder you're just going to pee out?

    And the WORST offendesr of all: fish oils and flaxseed oil. Truly toxic. NEVER.

    Typical deficincies are in fat soluble vitamins (A, D & K). Get them by consuming grassfed dairy and egg yolks. Viable sources that can be converted well in the body are sweet potatoes, carrots and greens, though the former is vastly superior (Vitamin A palmitate [retinol] is found in animal products vs beta carotene in plant products and Vitamin K is generally plant-based and your body has to convert it into the animal-based K2, found in dairy).

    Moral of the story: save your money, and you'll probably be healthier for it. The only thing I take is nettle leaf, a B-complex and biotin (I have a family history of MPB so I take it for hair and nails), a Vitamin D & K-complex combo (NOT from fish, from lanolin packed in MCT's) and occasionally dessicated thyroid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidil View Post
    This is the strongest I've found:

    NeuroVite Plus - Brain Basics - Supplements

    Can anyone beat this?
    is that a requirement for some membership?

    I dont take multi's

    The more i learn about health the more i realize that those who create Multi's DONT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davidil View Post
    Screw it, I'm having a Big Mac.
    Why not? You'll most likely have a lot of company. I'm sure there are tons of people who eat shit food, but convince themselves that they're taking care of themselves by eating handfuls of supplements.
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    You know what...

    Look, if I was settled down, living in NY or CA or someplace where I can get all organic food, home made food, eat healthy every meal... yea, I'm not sure I do these supplements.

    But as I wrote some other place, I travel 11 months a year. I try to eat the best I can, but it's impossible. Try finding ANYTHING organic in Cyprus... good luck.

    Until I can live as described above, I'll add these supplements and Omega + Green Vibrance.

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    Whole foods > Supplements

    You aren't going to wither away and die if you don't get the 100% RDA of every vitamin every day. Opinions are like buttholes. Everyone has one. But, why ask questions if your mind has already been made up?

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    I'll weigh in on one point. Your body will not just get rid of the excess. It can flush out the water soluble B's and C. But the fat solubles it can't. The minerals it will hold onto also. Potentially setting you up for overdoses. That's why its generally recommended to not take high doses of most supplements. Even high doses of water soluble vitamins have been shown to cause health problems, and those can be flushed out.

    Take the vitamin if you want, just be informed.

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    The only vitamin that I find a good reason to supplement is B-complex, and it should be taken with carbs, preferable fast acting glucose around workouts…

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    OK... I didn't ask if to take them or not. I asked if anyone knows what the "best" is.

    Are there ones which are "organic" / better sources? Are there "better" muli than others?

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