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Thread: The diet of my people.

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    Where does one find reliable information on their heritage's ancient/traditional foods/diets. I'm a mutt anyways; German, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish, Southern Italian, Scottish, and Powahatan; but all I know is the stereotyped diets of some of those (like Italians=spaghetti). And honestly, don't even know where to begin research..

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    Keep in mind though - it's not just our genes that impact what we can eat. It's also dependent on our microbiome. So with time, we drift away from the original bacterial colonization that helped our ancestors digest their foods.
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    If there is any truth to The diet of my people. I would think you would want to know your maternal line. You get your mitochondria from your mother and the mitochondria ultimately is what does the work. Since I trace mine back to Pacific Northwest Native Americans, I should in theory eat lots of Salmon and other forms of seafood, berries in season, and whatever other fruits, roots, and veggies were available.

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    I'm african but with parents on both extremes: my mother's people are classic agriculturalists, mostly vegetarian diet based on traditional grains like millet and more recently, corn. My father's people are nomadic and they choose to live in semi- desert conditions, on a diet of mostly fermented milk, blood, game and whatever else they can forage for. (not so much today, since they mostly settled down and now eat a diet high in grains, sugar and other civilized stuff...) I have long limbs and I tend to accumulate most of my fat on my belly like my father. But I cannot digest milk to save my life. And the only blood I get is from blood sausage, which tastes pretty good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eKatherine View Post
    My boyfriend, on the other hand, is half-Korean. He has issues with kimchi.

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    I am Eastern European, and for all I know Radimichi would take me is as their own without missing a bit, but while keeping a few favorite staples, like bortch, I prefer cooking in the Oriental style, with plenty of soups, stir-fries and spices. I also eat fruit like a tropical denizen, but don't eat dairy, grains, eggs or sweeteners. I gotta say the cashiers in our local Asian Supermarket are always super- nice to the tall, wide, blue-eyed me.

    And, oh, yeh, the only thing that makes me lose weight is not eating anything.
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