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Thread: How to deal with "non believers"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kj94 View Post
    I was only trying to help out a friend who really wanted to lose a couple pounds before a wedding :/ she asked me and I told her what I believed and why and when the tech friend found out what I said she jumped on me about it.
    You gave your friend the right advice, I don't doubt that. As loafing cactus says, when people's positions/job/preconceptions are threatened they just get defensive. Thats why the best approach is to walk the walk and when people ask advice, say 'this is what I do and it works'. Until you have the stone cold scientific proof that avoiding grains and legumes are the optimum way to lose weight whilst staying healthy(I beleive it is, along with avoiding refined sugar) then people will continue to consider them one of the main food groups, our culture and entire society has developed around them..'give us this day our daily bread', etc.

    Also, do you follow the same dietary guidleines yourself or do you consume grains and legumes?

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    If you threaten someone by telling them everything they've ever known, studied, spent their whole life believing, is wrong, then yeah, they're going to get a little defensive.

    Even if it's 100% truth you're telling them.

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    Unless they are already interested, curious and want to listen I don't bother because you come up against this type. Someone who is right, the facts be damned!

    Unless they are willing to take time to educate themselves, they always go on the (very agressive) defensive and I can't stand that. It's like scraping a cheese grater against your forhead, bloody and you just shouldn't do it.

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    Let your progress speak for itself. If they want to doubt, move on.

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    I don't give advice to doubters. It's their loss. "Good luck with your diet, I hope it works for you". That's as far as I go. If they're seriously interested, I might divulge.

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    I have often thought about making some business cards that say "Interested in healthier living?" And under that putting "Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson" and ""

    Then I would have something handy to give people who are interested. Then it is up to them to make the next move.

    If people comment or ask about my weight/health, I usually tell them I lost X pounds by not eating grains or sugar; and leave it at that. Having a card to hand them if they query further would be great.
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    You could tell her you don't consider grains and legumes a food group, only a sub-set of one, and since any nutrtional benefits that might be gotten from them can be gotten elsewhere without their negatives, it's a no-brainer.

    And since YOUR friend was asking YOU what she could do to lose some weight/bloat quickly, you gave her the answer you thought best suited to her PARTICULAR circumstances. If your nutrition friend wants to do likewise, let her do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kj94 View Post
    my tech. friend jumped down my throat telling me to NEVER tell anyone to cut out a major food group
    Grains are not human-foods really ... they are rodent and bird food which humans have come to super process because everything else was lacking I guess ... they are really poor nutritionally speaking and we even have to "fortify" them with essential stuff since they don't have it. Why is it considered a food group ? Because as it's as the old Chinese say: "Repeat a lie a 1000 times and it becomes a truth" ...

    Legumes are full of toxins as well and while they can be processed by soaking them over night and so on, they present nothing that cannot be obtained from other real foods. Instead of jumping at you for telling someone about avoiding grains, your friend should maybe think in terms of what he/she is learning: nutrition.

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    Whenever my friends bring up weight loss, I start with this:

    Quit fast food, quit soda!

    Most people eat and drink a lot more than they think of both. Cutting out those things is almost guaranteed to spark a little weight loss, and no one would ever argue against it.

    If they press for more details, I say:

    I avoid processed and pre-packaged food at home.

    And if they still want to know more, I say:

    I eat a lot of meat, some veggies, some fruit, and some dairy.

    And if then comes the "but omg FAAAAAT" comments, I say:

    I don't subscribe to the theory that animal fats are bad for me.

    Then if they ask more still, I send them to MDA, or Whole30, or Robb Wolf, etc.

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    This whole conversation reminds me a little of my co-workers. I've lost 30 lbs since November, and eventually people around here noticed and started asking me about what I'm doing.

    I basically say something along the lines of "high fat, moderate protein, low carb" and if they press, I start talking about Paleo. But most just kind of nod and say something like "High fat? Huh, never heard of that one" ... I can tell at that point, they're just humoring me and have no desire to try it. Unfortunately they don't try to engage me in any kind of debate about it, so there isn't much I can say after that.

    But one of my co-workers, who I know is trying to lose weight, took a lot of interest in what I was doing and would ask me exactly what I ate every day, and even ask for my feedback on what she was eating ... she's gotten kinda quiet about it lately and just a couple days ago, I was disappointed to hear her mention she was gonna go on the Cabbage Soup diet.

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