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Thread: Is Gun ownership Primal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post

    I live in a state that is a right-to-carry state. IOW, if you're not a convicted felon, you can get a license to carry without inventing a night job or any other b.s. That's the way it should be IMO.

    I on the other hand live in the people's republic of MA, which is a may issue state.

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    Liberal and gun-toting checking in.

    Personally I think guns are very primal, just because Grok didn't have access to a semi-auto weapon doesn't mean they're not. Guns are tools just as much as Kitchenaides or many of the other things we use that Grok didn't have access to are... and they go hand-in-hand for an awesome dinner.

    As for the self-defense aspect of it, living in a good place doesn't put you in any less risk. Both times I was violently attacked were in the "better" parts of town. You can be a target just as easily anywhere you are, that's why things like situational awareness are so important. If I present myself like a victim and am unaware of my surroundings I am more likely to be a victim. If I carry myself with confidence and am aware of what's happening around me I am less likely to be. After that, it becomes deciding how you want to deal with the unexpected and preparing appropriately.
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    Yes to guns. But I don't have any. Ah well.

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    Gun ownership - not primal
    Asking questions about gun ownership being primal on an internet forum - primal

    Sounds weird, but those are the correct answers.

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    Very primal and my dad just gave me a pistol as a grad present I plan on wearing it while I hike from now on cause there's bears and mountain lions in my neck of the woods and I'm only just 5ft tall. I'm sure I look like a quick and tasty snack until I'm all like BAM!
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    Yes be truly Primal; turn your gun in; and get a good spear to protect your home.

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