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Thread: Any Other Parents of Autistic Children?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crabbcakes View Post
    Poppi, are they in therapy with an OT for the sensory thing??
    My youngest isn't in any therapy as she hasn't been formally assessed yet. We feel she may be subclinical but if she follows the same path as her brothers will become diagnosable in a year or two.

    My middle son is in OT but they have been focusing on emotional regulation and appropriate eating skills (not grossing everyone at the table out) rather than sensory stuff yet.

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    I am just trying to get him to eat something resembling a balanced meal with enough vitamins and minerals. He does not react well to too much sugar/carbs. He bounces off the walls when he eats too many carbs and that is what he most wants to eat. He is also skinny as a rail, to the point of making us concerned. He is 46" and 47lbs with a naturally stocky build like his dad. What he likes he will eat and not usually overeat unless it is crackers or treats like candy or ice cream. He doesn't like food warmer than room temperature most of the time. He is also allergic to any form of corn and soy so I have had to cook from scratch even if he doesn't eat it. I'm also cooking for five people, myself and my husband, my two grown daughters who haven't left home yet and my son.

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    First, take a breath and know that you are doing a great job, ok?

    From there, i'm just asserting a few things in case it can work. It's ok if it can't, and I'm sorry if that's bothersome!

    1. broth --

    we love bone broth in our household. we make chicken and beef, currently, and I make it with all kinds of veggies as well.

    we typically crock pot the bones and veggies in salted water for about 8 hours. then we jar it up and use it throughout the week -- to steam veg, to make soup or sauce, or just to drink. and as a special treat, we get rice noodles and make chicken-noodle soup.

    it has a ton of vitamins and minerals in it -- it's so healthy!

    (it also freezes well if you can't get through your jars of it as quickly as we do).

    2. juice --

    we have a juicer and love that darn thing. we make a green juice for ourselves, and for DS, we make a 'tina sparkle' which is beet, lemon, ginger, apple. It's so nice. We also make popsicles out of various juices, sometimes adding some cut fruit to it as well.

    3. glluten free/paleo goodies made with veggies --

    this is one that I suggested for a kid's lunchbox. basically, there are tons of cool recipes out there that use all kinds of veggies as part of the base. for example, i have various GF, paleo recipes for cakes such as carrot, beet-root/chocolate, banana nut, some made with zucchini and one mde with pumpkin (but I've also used butternut squash before), and so on.

    I make these into muffins, and they are great. really healthy, good for breakfast with yogurt over them, and some berries as well. Right now, we are in winter, so I've made a fair amount of pumpkin ones which we have with yogurt (dh and i have coconut cream) and then we put on whatever fruit we want (usually frozen berries, pears, sometimes citrus fruit, etc).

    All really good, and gets the veggies in. and "carb-y" feeling.

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