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Thread: Psghetti

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    I second cabbage and kelp noodles. All my attempts with squash end up too watery.

    If you can get your hands on enoki mushrooms, you can pull them apart and get nice strands:

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    I have someone in the house who has many food allergies and can't have gluten, so she can't eat white rice. She bought some brown rice pasta, but I'm not optimistic about the end result. But we use my grandmother's sauce recipe, and it's been so long since we've had it...

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    I thought using spaghetti squash was perfect for me. I did it with a "meat sauce" Here is what I used for the sauce - Ground beef, mushrooms, carrots, celery, onion and garlic. I used diced tomatoes, and a bit of crushed tomatoes. Along with salt and pepper, basil, and oregano. By doing it this way, the sauce wasn't "watery" or runny at all but nice and chunky and I thought it went perfect with the squash.

    For the squash, I bake in cut side up ( cut in half ) at 400 degrees C for an hour with some olive oil smothered on top, and sprinkled with sea salt or kosher salt. ( I add a bit of cracked pepper too, but some might not like that ) I do end up with a bit of oil/moisture pooling in the pitted area of the squash but I just poured that into my sauce. It was perfect constancy for me.

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    I alternate between using spaghetti squash and rice spaghetti, by Tinkyada. Both are really good. The Tinkyada spaghetti looks just like regular spaghetti only white.
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