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Thread: Going Camping! Need food ideas!

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    If you have a base camp, invest in a cooler with "extreme" 5 day cooling. Bring most of your meat frozen and double bagged so it doesn't leak on the rest of your food.

    I have this one: Rubbermaid - 75 Qt DuraChill
    but thats for a weekend for our family of 4. If your cooler has unused space, consider freezing some of your drinking water in 1L or 2L bottles and using them as ice packs also. Keeping foods tightly packed will keep them cooler longer.

    You can also pre-cook entrees and freeze them and then just heat and eat.

    Bring as many of the above mentioned foods as you can that don't need chilling.
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    For 4 days, only meat and milk truly needs refrigeration. Most vegies will be fine for that long if you keep them out of the sun, as will eggs and salted butter. Cryovac so you don't have to worry about leaking.

    Water and ice slurry will keep things colder for longer than ice blocks, but it is a pain when everything is wet. Be sensible about not opening the esky too often. Maybe use one esky for perishable food, and another for drinks etc. Four days isn't long for keeping things cold, so you should be right without a quick trip into town for more ice. Keep the sun off the esky! We will even throw reflective tarps over the fridge to keep it down in really hot weather. A stationary car gets very hot in the sun, so watch for that.

    You can do bacon and eggs on the BBQ hotplate over the fire for breakfast. I usually don't fuss over lunch - often have just cold meat and chocolate, but if you are at camp there is nothing to stop you cooking steak or sausages or rissoles on the BBQ. For dinner, consider wrapping vegies in foil to cook in the coals. You can do any casserole type recipes in a camp oven in the coals, or you can use a frypan on the BBQ to cook anything you like that way. Just don't be overambitious as you want to relax too.

    I mostly cook exactly the same meals as at home. Except for the potatoes in the fire bit. Most of the traditional camping experience food involve things like damper or jaffles, which aren't very primal, but maybe just for a treat you could do this for the kids.

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    I usually make a big batch of chili (red with beef/tomato, etc. or green chiles with pork style) and freeze a container ahead of time to put in the cooler. Also pre-cut carrots, bell pepper, etc. and make a batch of cole slaw. Maybe splurge on some olive oil fried potato chips. Home-made chocolate no-bakes. Red wine. Dark chocolate. What's not to like?

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    Beef jerkey
    Hard boiled eggs
    Bacon cooked ahead if time
    Cocoa nibs

    Steaks, burgers with lettuce wraps...

    Salad prep ahead

    Have fun!

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    I'm going camping soon too and I put in an order to US Wellness meats that is really going to help. They have a lot of additive and sugar free meat that keeps such as their beef sticks, salami, head cheese, liverwurst, branschweiger, pemmican, etc.

    No, I don't work for them but I am one of their best customers.

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    Intermittent fast :-) and take a fishing rod. Just take oil, salt and pepper.

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    At first best of luck for your camping. Dear friend may be all facility provide by camping company. So please donít thinking about feeding. You use Grilled meats, veggies and fruit works great too.
    camping stores

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