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Thread: Sunscreens... and other fairy tales

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    the sun is very strong here, too. our practices are simple: stay out of it when the sun is strongest, and/or cover yourself (which we do), and then use sunscreen if needed (on face, hands, and tops of feet, sometimes chest and neck.

    i make our own sunscreen using the zinc oxide powder and a good eco-friendly lotion (locally made). it works well. it's pancake, though. but here, no one cares. walking around with white streaks on you is just the fashion.

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    Sunscreen bad? Tell that to the people living in Australia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by primal_alex View Post
    There are several researches suggesting that melanoma is caused by lack of vitamin D. In other words, vitamin D protects from cancer. These researches of course are the best kept secret of the pharma industry.
    Source on any of these? "Secret of the pharma industry" sounds vaguely like a conspiracy theory.

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    For us: getting the seed oils out of the diet made us enjoy the sun for the first time ever. Ours is still a combination, though, (in addition to diet) of protective clothing, shade trees, timing, and a favorite clean titanium dioxide sunscreen, depending on circumstance. As we all are pale, white or blonde-haired, and blue-eyed folk here, I see a mineral sunscreen a responsible option in the dosing of the rays for those of us who are a bit lower on the melanin-production scale. All those mass-market sunscreens make me rashy - and to cook that on your skin?! Blech.
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    Blond hair, blue eyes here, living in Southern California.

    I only use sunscreen if I want to avoid a sunburn and am planning to expose my skin to the sun. Otherwise, I use long sleeves. Wearing a long sleeved, loose-fitting shirt forms a little microclimate around your skin. It's actually cooler than exposing your skin to the sun, at least in the arid climate of California. When you sweat the shirt will become wet and the wetness will cool as it evaporates, providing a little coolness to you. There's a reason why desert dwelling cultures wear clothing that fully covers the body.
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