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Thread: Ready to commit? 21 day transformation- begin JUNE 10th

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    I could use a reboot, I'm in!
    Here to eat and move like a caveman, not look or stink like one

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    Quiet on here isn't it? How's everyone doing?

    I'm managing fine so far...just need to keep an eye on carbs since I'm exercising a fair bit. I think this is where I fall down, if I don't eat plenty of sweet potatoes, bananas etc I get the sugar cravings like a crazy person and end up walking round like a zombie. Feeling good so far though!

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    Hi becks...been monitoring the group a bit more. Too many placed to keep track of. Did you join the group? See signature

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    True freedom is the ability to live in a way that is all life giving, not clouded by anything that contaminates body, spirit, or mind.

    My journey:;)

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