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Thread: How to handle the slower weight loss?

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    News flash- when you lose 20 lbs in 20 days, you lost water, probably some bone mass, a lot of muscle and some fat. You do that often enough and you'll be skinny and saggy.
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    I've been losing at an average of just over a pound a week for the last 8 months. some weeks it doesn't change, some weeks it actually goes up and some weeks goes down a couple or three. I've kept on track by tracking my weekly weight and printing out a graph. It actually shows a much steadier downward trend and fewer/shorter plateaus than I think I've had. Every time I wonder why the scale hasn't changed I look at the graph on my wall and think, okay, that's damn good so far, I just have to keep doing what I'm doing.
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    Patience! How long did it take you to add all those pounds you want to lose? You probably took multiple years to get "up" there, give yourself a little while to get down. Your body is used to being heavy, give it some time to adjust. Eat when you are hungry, quit eating when you aren't hungry. Don't eat by the clock. Follow Mark's exercise recommendations, primarily the walking. Since last July I (male) have lost about 40 lbs. I've been flat-eaued since November, but still losing inches and firming belly and thighs, more weight will probably drop soon, but I'm happy with what's been done so far. The scale isn't the be-all, hopefully you are finding that you feel better.

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    Well thanks everyone, you all have an awesome way to keep things in perspective. Besides changing the way I eat I also have to change the way I do things which in the past, were about more instant gratification. I have learned more about patience since 2008 when some dramatic life changing experiences happen to me but the weight was not included in them...until now which I am working on now.

    It's true, I have a ton more energy eating this way. I feel mentally better. I can see some inches lose in the mirror and my skin is tightening up from working out. I started working out again consistently in the last 5 months but I have seen the biggest transformation in the last few weeks since starting this program...I got to admit, it's fun to see more muscle definition again, like I use to have in the early 2000's on...

    I still need to tweak here an there...For lunch I ate this salad filled with chopped macadamia nuts, fresh blue cheese, avocado, tomato on roman lettuce with olive oil and Apple cider vinegar...I never eaten such a fat filled salad in my life!! I am very, very full...I am positive it will be late until I can eat anything again.

    Thanks for your support and words of wisdom...I share carry on....

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    to tweak your diet (if need be), you might consider going dairy and nut free for 30 days and see what happens.

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