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Thread: PBF: 2x/week is enough?

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    Getting to low body fat with a good diet makes a huge difference. I look more muscular now that I did when I was working out 3-4 times as much with more body fat. The science says that it doesn't take multiple hours of exercise to get your body to adapt to stress by growing more muscles. A little intense exercise goes a long way. I'm personally growing stronger and stronger with less than one hour twice a week and more than half of that is core stuff like planks, body bridges, etc.

    I was making good progress when I started with the Body by Science program with only 15 minutes of lifting once a week. For me the key has been to focus on the bigger multi-joint lifts like bench press, overhead press, bent rowing, lat pulldown, squats and dead lifts. I've started deviating a bit from BBS to meet my personal needs, but have mainained shorter, higher intensity lifting routines.
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    You are forgetting that aside from the 1 sprint session and the 2-3 lift heavy things sessions that you are encouraged to move slowly every day and play as much as possible.

    If you have been running on the hamster wheel for a while now and still don't have the ripped body you desire, what can it hurt to give PBF a try? Don't forget that abs are made in the kitchen, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    ...Don't forget that abs are made in the kitchen, too.
    ^^Too true: No amount of exercise can overcome a crappy diet.

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    Marks program works. I think just using planks as a core movement (even though the others hit your core) isn't the best. As someone who has had disc injuries in the past I think reverse hypers are a must.

    I used it when I came off weights and saw great results in muscle gains which was unexpected after years of weights. My bf dropped from about 9% to 8%.

    I have considered going back to it except using diamond pushups and doing the incline, flat then decline progressions before starting to use my trx and working through progressions on that.

    I am training for a triathlon and thought these two intense sessions (that hits endurance hard) + my event training could be good.

    If your wanting to make the training more Grok like, have you thought about doing bear crawl forward/backward sprints. Doing them on hills, going them for 400m's etc.

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    I gotta be honest with you, my chest looks nearly the same as that Blake guy (can post pics later) and I only do "high intensity training" 2.5x/week.

    45 mins upper body / abs on Monday
    30 mins legs on Wednesday
    45 mins upper body / abs on Friday

    Thats it

    Then sprint 1x/week
    Jog 20 mins 2x/week

    So yeah, slightly more than what Mark recommends, but I also eat nearly 200g of carbs per day
    For the record, it wasn't until I read his book that I took it seriously to the point where my abs are stable
    I feel like I stopped working out for a couple weeks they'd still be there - not something I coulda said for my high-carb, low-intensity self of the past


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