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Thread: What do you feel like when you allow some non primal back in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildrose View Post
    Honestly? I feel fine. Last night I went to a restaurant and had a slice of pecan pie at the end. I felt stuffed - it was a heavy end to the meal - but other than that I was okay. Today I feel great. I'm clearly not particularly sensitive to gluten.

    I try to stay primal as much as I can, though. When I cheat a lot in general my weight loss stops, and I have a long way to go.
    This exactly.

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    When I first started I wouldn't feel well... upset stomach, achy joints, etc. Now, nothing.

    For example - the other night, after too much beer and wine tasting I enjoyed a baguette with butter for dinner, chocolate malt balls and pink Starbursts (darned candy bulk bins!) and some roasted marshmallows. The next morning I woke up feeling fine. I went for a run (the same 5k loop I had done the day before in a normal paleo state) a full minute and a half faster. Its mornings like that when I wonder if maybe I should live on bread, wine and chocolate - with a few pink Starbursts thrown in.

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    I recall the last time I was seriously glutened. A restaurant apparently put a slice of bread at the bottom of a bowl of salad to sop up the dressing. I had clarified with the waiter and the manager and they understood the limitations of my diet, but apparently someone in the kitchen was unclear. It was the third day of a 3 week working vacation to Miami. I didn't feel well again until it was time to leave.

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    What do you feel like when you allow some non primal back in
    like crap.

    Seriously, I have not done that in 8 months. I had a weird episode around last Xmas where my mother-in-law thickened a gravy with wheat flour (that was before she herself became wheat free) which I had eaten with my meat during a dinner ... I experienced some strange back pain, in the esophagus and a bit of skin rash flared on my back. It is only a couple of days after I experienced these issues that I asked her if she used wheat in her cooking because I could not see any obvious reason. At that time, I had been wheat free for 2.5 months and she knew that my wife and I were grain free ... evil!

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    Nothing major physically; maybe a little gas. Mentally though, I wonder why I do it. I could understand if I didn't like a lot of primal foods and was making myself eat them, but that's not the case. So mostly, I just get a neurotic case of the mental self flagellations.
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    Like the others, I just don't feel as great as when I stick to the blueprint.

    Overdose of pizza, battered fish or cheap restaurant food makes me feel bloated, gassy and sore. Not only that, but it doesn't taste nice to me either.

    Home baking if it's really delicious seems to have no dastardly effects so that's why I seldom indulge but when I do I make sure to enjoy it.

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    Interesting how differently it affects each of us...I'm still a little bloated. I definitely will stay gluten/wheat free for the rest of my life. I'm remembering how often I used to have to take pills for bloating and gas issues before I went Primal. I'm guessing it was gluten.

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    It depends. I am so bloated right now after 2 days of clean eating. Go figure.

    For me it depends. Sometimes some gluten is not bad, sometimes I feel awful. Seed oils just taste rancid, so I never make that mistake anymore. And alcohol...... always bloats me for a week. I did have 2 beers with a friend and was fine. So random.

    The good thing is that I prefer primal foods so rarely go off the program.
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    I've stated before, I'm probably among the minority on this site in that switching to eating primal did not effect any noticeable change in how I feel. The only change I've seen is a slight decrease in weight - and that isn't even really what I'm trying to do (I'm stalling on my heavy lifts, so I'd actually like to gain some muscle mass).

    Having a bowl of ice cream or whatever once a week doesn't change anything.

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    I can eat small bits, my 20%, as sweetened Greek yogurt or rice crackers and be fine. But the moment I have something alcoholic - I get that hot, overstuffed, revved metabolism issue. I'm in that state right now - had a terrible night of hot flashes and restlessness after a meal out at friends that included some gluten grains, some sugar and two glasses of red wine over about 5 hours.

    The other big effect of eating/drinking off-plan is bloat. I have 4.5 extra lbs on board this morning than I did 3 mornings ago - and that feels gross. I know it's temporary, but it's demoralizing...

    Sure is motivating to get back on track, though!

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